Try a Wantable Box If You Like Pretty, High-Quality Surprises


I like pretty things. I also like getting good deals on pretty things, which can end in disappointment if said pretty thing doesn't hold up as well as I expected. I like pretty and cheap, but not, you know, cheap. After receiving a number of Wantable accessory boxes in the past few months, I can assure you that the pieces are definitely not cheap in quality.

About Wantable

Wantable is a Milwaukee-based company that aims to match you with hand-picked products you'll probably love. Start by choosing one of three categories — accessories, makeup, or intimates — and take the easy-peasy style quiz. Seriously, all you need to do is move a slider to "Love", "Like", or "Dislike" to show how you feel about a style item that they give you. However, do set aside 5-10 minutes to complete this if you're indecisive like I am, as there can be a lot of items to go through. Then, for the cost of $40 for a one-time box or $36 a month if you subscribe, Wantable will send you a number of premium, boutique, and full-size products that their stylists have picked out just for you. You'll most likely get the things you "Love" and probably some things you "Like", but never what you "Dislike".

The Goodies

I've gotten a few misses in the past, but my overall experience with the accessories boxes has been quite positive. So you can get a sense of how well (or not!) the products matched my style, here are some of the answers I gave during the quiz.

  • Love: Classic, Mix ‘n Match, Earrings, Necklaces, Headbands
  • Like: Rock ‘n Roll, Boho, Bracelets, Scarves, Gold Tone, Multi Tone
  • Dislike: Rings, Watches, Sunglasses, Wood, Skulls, Leatherette

And these are the accessories the stylists chose for me:

Haven Scarf

I think if I saw this scarf at a store, I would stroke it longingly and walk away because, in my heart of hearts, I know I can't justify spending $26 on what is basically a long rectangle of fabric.

But because I didn't buy it at a store, and it's already mine upon arrival, you bet I'll wear it to shreds! You can't tell from the photo, but there are gold and silver threads woven in, adding some fun sparkle to the muted colors. The smoky blue, ivory, and dark rose are great neutrals that match well with most everything in my closet. And despite its loose, open weave and delicate appearance, this scarf has held up extremely well against sharp zippers and accidental snags.

Retail value: $26

Aggi Earrings

Remember when I said I liked pretty things? The Aggi earrings are so pretty. Wearing them makes me feel like my ears have wings—black and light-blue gemstone wings. The pale pink softens and completes this classy, unique piece. Love it!

Retail value: $15

Zoey Necklace

I wore this necklace to my birthday dinner and got compliments from friends and strangers alike! The Zoey necklace packs a lot of punch; there might be too much going on if you wear a busy, patterned top. Wantable suggests a cream sweater, but I've found that this necklace looks great against a bright orange lace dress, too.

Retail value: $36

Phoebe Necklace

I'm usually less excited about minimalist jewelry. I thought the infinity-sign Imagine earrings from a previous box were too basic to be worth its portion of the $40 cost of the box. Well, it turned out that I got so much wear out those earrings that they now have a permanent place on my desk, where I can reach for them at a moment's notice.

So, sure, the Phoebe necklace is a simple gold square on a chain, but I see its potential. I can layer it with other necklaces; I can also wear it on its own when I'm in a hurry or I want to dial back on the accessories. It's basic and it's easy, and sometimes that all you really need.

Retail value: $15

Is It Worth It?

Wantable really delivered the value in this accessories box. Everything suits my style and they're quality pieces to boot. The retail value of everything in this box came out to $92, so that's $52 in savings through Wantable. I can't imagine buying the Haven scarf or the Phoebe necklace at full price, but I would purchase the Aggie earrings and Zoey necklace in a heartbeat. (I do have a wedding to go to in a few months; I think they'll work quite nicely!)

While $36 a month can be a hefty expense for accessories if you're not much of a fashion person, a one-time box at $40 may be a great treat for yourself or a friend once in a while.

Disclaimer: I received a free box for an honest review.

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