TurboTax: New features, and a chance to win a copy

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The kind folks at Intuit have given us ten free copies of TurboTax to share with our readers.  We'll be giving two copies away per week for the next five weeks in a forum contest.  To enter, simply leave a comment in our forums.

I snagged one that I'm going to use to do my taxes, and once I'm done, I'll post a review and tell you how it worked for me. In the meantime, here's a brief rundown of the latest features.

In the interests of full disclosure, I should mention that I've been using TurboTax (and before that, its predecessor MacInTax) since 1995. This is the first year that I got a free copy.

For Mac users like me, there are a bunch of new Mac-only features in TurboTax. For the past several years, the Mac version has been essentially a straight port of the PC version. This year, though, Intuit decided to build a Mac version from the ground up, letting them use the features in the latest versions of MacOS. (They mentioned that the latest version of Quicken is getting the same treatment.)

Cool new stuff, specific to the Mac version:

Better access to the actual tax forms For people who have done their own taxes in the past, the Mac version now has improved access to the actual IRS tax forms. Anytime while TurboTax is walking you through the process, you can click on a button and (via a cool animation of the window flipping around as if to show you the back) see the IRS form and line that the information that you're providing will go on.

Download state return software at any time In the past, the state return came at the end, after the federal return was done. Now you can download the software for your state return at any time and see what the effect on state taxes will be as you're making decisions about how to fill in the forms on your federal taxes.

Backup to CD and .Mac--including software! When you finish your taxes, there's a tool that lets you burn a CD (or save to .Mac) all the data that you provided--plus all the software, including all the updates from Intuit. That means that, if you have to go back to this year's taxes, you won't have to track down the original install disk and repeat the process of getting the updates. (I've still got all the data files from 1995 on, but I doubt if I could actually use them, except maybe the last two or three years worth. This feature will help a lot with that problem.)

Cool new stuff for everyone:

Life-event questions Right at the beginning, TurboTax gives you a screen that asks about life-events that can affect your taxes: Did you change jobs? Did you get married or divorced? Did you start a business? By getting that information up front, they can make the process of gathering your data more efficient. They also have a screen of related follow-up questions (if you changed jobs, did you also move?).

Enhanced audit support #1--warnings When you do something that might make an audit more likely--or that might prompt the IRS to ask for documentation--they give you a heads-up about possible issues, and tell you what documentation to keep. For example, if you deduct expenses related to rental property, they remind you that you must not have lived in the property more than 14 days during the year, and remind you to keep receipts for the deductions.

Enhanced audit support #2--downloadable tool If you get a letter from the IRS, you can download this new tool, match the letter that you got to samples that the tool provides, and get a step-by-step process for dealing with it. The tool tells you what documentation you need to track down, what you need to make copies of, and then provides a template letter for you to print with your response to the IRS. If it's going to take more than that, the tool will tell you that, too.

My own taxes are going to be quite a bit more complicated this year than in past years. I got a big chunk of severance pay when I left my former employer, plus I started working as a full-time writer. It'll be good to have a tool to help me deal with the new complications.

It'll probably be several weeks before I get the last forms I need and plow through them all. Once I do, though, I'll get an article up with a proper review.

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thanks for the tips. I have never done my own taxes. i guess i am a chicken or something. maybe though, i will have to try it out. love the giveaway, thanks.

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Love this blog! Love the giveaway, too. Thanks.

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Love this blog! Love the giveaway, too. Thanks.

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I have previously used Turbo Tax. However, this year my taxes got more complicated when I purchased a house. That makes me a little nervous to use the software but if it were free I couldn't resist. Thanks for keeping us up to date.

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My wife will be thrilled to hear about the new Mac only features. Now I just have to win one!

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Please enter me into the drawing...Thanks

Philip Brewer's picture

I just wanted to make sure that everyone understood that the way to enter for a chance at a free copy is to post in the forum:


Comments here are welcome too, and I'd be pleased to talk more about the new features, but the forum is the place to post if you're hoping for a free copy.

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You can use the free version of TurboTax at http://turbotax.intuit.com/taxfreedom/ through the Free File program (check IRS website for eligibility requirements.) Last year I used H+R Block's free online filing app, and every year before that I had done my return by hand (very simple, because they were summer jobs during high school and college.)

This year, I almost threw in the towel and opted to pay the $100 to have a CPA do it all, because I had so many lifestyle changes (graduating from college, no longer being a legal dependent of my parents, and working full time) and income changes (HSA savings, 403b savings, freelancing profits). But the free TurboTax seemed to accommodate them very well, addressing each matter in detail. My return totaled about $1,100!

A lot of tax prep shops have a deal where they review up to 10 years of previous returns for errors, and for deductions or credits you didn't take, and will file corrected returns. I plan to do that a few years from now, in 2010 when I'm 26 and have paid taxes a full ten years.

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Well, okay, maybe I shouldn't go that far, but any Mac-enhanced product makes the task less troublesome. I'm ready to try something new this year. My online tax helper is not fulfilling its promises!

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Thanks for the chance to win. Having a program like this for the Mac is very important and is well received.

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I think Turbo Tax is a great program but I prefer a program from a lesser known software company, Drake Software. You can prepare and electronically file your return for about the price of the Turbo Tax Program. If anyone is interested check it out at www.1040.com/ebowers

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I usually use TurboTax Online, but thanks to your review, I might buy the software from now on, especially if I win a free copy. Thanks for the great information.

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I've been using TurboTax online since it was first available (not sure how long ago that was). Anyway, awesome giveaway as I sure would like to try the offline version!

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If you have any State Farm insurance or banking products, take your account number over to statefarm.com, register for their website and you'll see a link on the left side of the page that says "Free tax filing" Click on that link, and all State Farm customers get free Turbotax Fed and State software.

You can't download; you do your taxes through the link to the Intuit site...but who cares? It's free!