Turkey Dinner for Two


For many years my husband and I have lived in a fairly large city far from any relatives. Over the past few years, when the holidays rolled around, we've bounced back and forth between each others parents' homes spending time with our families. However, recently we've grown tired of always having to travel some place else for the holidays, so we've come to create our own traditions that often include only the two of us.

The Thanksgiving holiday often poses a challenge in deciding how to handle the traditional feast we've grown accustomed to. We've had to think creatively to continue to satisfy the pumpkin pie urges and marshmallow-glazed sweet potatoes on a smaller scale.

The Deli

My husband is a wonderful cook. But I can barely boil water, so cooking for two all on our own for as large a spread as Thanksgiving demands is usually out. One alternative we've found that works for us is purchasing pre-cooked turkey or ham from the deli at our grocery store, then preparing the side dishes at home.

Living in a large city gives us plenty of deli options to choose from. Not only does our local grocery store have a large selection of pre-cooked meats, but the Honey Baked delis are also a great option for ham and turkey as well. The price per pound is slightly higher, but since it is just the two of us, it makes more sense to purchase a reasonable amount of meat than a huge turkey that may never get eaten.

Dinner at the Beach

Many people feel Thanksgiving dinner is one to be spent with family at home, and not in an impersonal setting such as a restaurant. However, over the years we've hunted down a few quaint restaurants with superb atmospheres that make up for the missing home-sweet-home atmosphere. One such place happens to be a restaurant on the beach that we've come to enjoy. The prices are reasonable for a traditional Thanksgiving meal, and the walk on the beach after dinner makes for an amazing sunset ending to a thankful holiday. We even took our parents to this restaurant for Thanksgiving a few years ago, and they were delighted by the view, not to mention relieved they didn't have to cook.

Of course not everyone has the luxury of living near the coast, but there may be a restaurant that offers Thanksgiving dinner specials in a beautiful setting near you.

A Weekend Getaway

For many, Thanksgiving is the start of a long weekend. Instead of spending it at home or traveling by plane through over-crowded airports, I've used this time for camping and exploring towns a few hours from my own hometown. Not only are campgrounds and state parks not very crowded, leaving on Thanksgiving Day often means less traffic on the roads. Preparing roasted turkey can still be done on a small camp stove and pumpkin pie can be purchased per slice from a deli for portability. Enjoying the holiday weekend outdoors before the weather turns colder is an excellent alternative to a traditional holiday trip.

Many people will be traveling to visit family and friends this coming weekend. But if you are one of the few who isn't planning family visits this time around, these are just a few suggestions that may pique your interest.

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Dinner at the beach is a great idea, even if cold the beach holds a real nice feel.

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We've done alternative Thanksgivings but usually with family. I think it's wonderful that people make the holiday work for them whether it be a traditional dinner or something else.

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We (couple, no kids) buy a turkey tenderloin for Thanksgiving. Its like a pork loin, only turkey. I picked up a 2 or 3 pounder for around 6 dollars. We just roast it in on a rack in a roasting pan. No prep, no waste, no fighting with bones or skin. Just heat and slice. The rounds are also perfect in sandwiches.

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