Twitter Can Save You Money with Deals and Coupons

Want a coupon to try out Yoplait Whips for free? Bargainbriana shared one on Twitter. How about a buy-one-get-one-free deal at Denny's? Coupondivas offered one on Twitter, as well. In fact, there are tons of promotions, coupons and deals floating around on Twitter — and some of them don't show up anywhere else. If you're already putting in a little time on the microblogging site, you can start getting something out of it. 

Who To Follow?

I follow a couple of different Twitter users who focus on rounding up good coupons. has a Twitter account that I find particularly useful. I also asked other people on Twitter to suggest other people to follow that can be particularly helpful. Here are a few of their suggestions:

This is just a handful of the thousands of Twitter accounts that can help you find deals. If you have any suggestions for other Twitter users to follow, please share them in the comments.

Like any other coupon strategy, collecting coupons on Twitter doesn't do you much good if you aren't getting coupons for things you use. Many brands and specific stores have started to get involved on Twitter, sending out information about special sales as well as coupons. That's why it's important to follow Twitter users who will share coupons you're actually interested in. Check out your preferred stores and brands to see if they're in that category. I even found out that one of my favorite restaurants is sending out specials on Twitter: it's not a chain and I certainly can't find those deals anywhere else.

Searching Short-Cuts

You don't have to follow everyone under the sun in order to get the best deals, though. You can actually search Twitter for keywords and get a lead on deals that way. At, you can just type in the word 'coupon' along with whatever purchases you need a coupon for. You may get a few strange results, but in general, you'll get a list of people commenting about specific coupons, along with links to the coupons themselves.

There are also a few different sites that bring together lists of coupons on Twitter. One site, CheapTweet, brings together a list of all the deals on Twitter it can find and then lets you look through them either by the newest deals or by the cheapest — you can vote on which offers are particularly good. CouponTweet offers a similar service. In both cases, you can look at one page and get a good idea of what coupons are available on Twitter today if you're rushed for time. However, it's worth noting that both sites don't catch all the good deals.

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and free Seattle's Best coffee...

Great roundup! I actually started a new frugal/deals site for travel, shopping, electronics etc. targeted toward the 20 to 30-something. I started it because I'm always finding deals, and now I don't have to email friends/family every time I want to share a deal ;)


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Never thought about using Twitter to find good coupon deals. Thanks for the tips.

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That's great! Never knew that I'd be able to find deals on Twitter, thanks!

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