Ugliest shoes in the world - now less than $10.


When I first saw Crocs, I thought they were bad. But, they grew on me. I own a pair.

Now, thanks to Amazon, a coupon code I'm about to give you, and the good folks at Teva, you can get a pair of what I now consider to be the ugliest shoes on this Earth for less than $10, a saving of $75. Aren't you lucky...and brave.

Teva Mimmick shoes come with the following description...

"Using styling from our professional kayaking bootie, the P2, and applying street appeal, the Mimmik is perfect for travel, office or strolling around town. With the use of a Mush insole (trust us, it feels like it sounds), the Mimmik is the ultimate in comfort."

Honestly, I have trouble figuring out what the 'street appeal' is, but maybe I'm getting old. And get this. They don't just come in the weird black color shown above. They also come in brown. Woot! Brown rubber, now that's surely stylish.

mud teva

They also make a great gift for, ummm, Klingons. Although even in the distant reaches of outer space, I still suspect these things look just as goofy. Not that I'd ever call a Kilngon goofy...I value my skin, and would prefer not to have it peeled off. I digress.

To get your pair of Teva, all you need to do is click this link . Once you've picked your style and size, apply the following code ASEV2794 to cut the price in half, making then just $9.90 plus around $6 shipping.

If you buy a pair, can you send me a picture of yourself wearing them at the office. I've been sick recently and could use a good laugh.

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Yes they are UGGGGG-LY

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These things are hidious. Being Tevas though they are probably very comfortable. I'm just not brave enough....

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Well, I guess I AM brave enough. I just ordered them. The black ones were ugly, but not TOO ugly. However, only "Mud Pack" was in my size, and that is hideous. If they're comfortable, I'll wear them out... but not at the office.

Andrea Karim's picture

If I didn't already having Keen kayaking sandals. :)

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those are awesome, so awesome i just bought a pair... i will make sure to send you lots of pictures... thanks for the code, made them totally worth the 15$ (with shipping) there is no way i would have paid a penny more

Paul Michael's picture

they are exceptionally well made. But why are they so foul looking? C'mon guys, is it so hard to make a shoe look sweet (like the Mark Ecko sneaks I'm wearing right me, they be cool).

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cosmin ciuca

Dear Sir,
I am from Romania and at 10$ + transport, I am interested to send you the money for this teva shoe, I apply the link & ASEV2794, but... don't work, my size are 42. If you can help me ... many thanks in advance.

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iLLLLLLLLLLLL..yeah right..who would wear that..really???

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omg these are the most ugliest shoes ever!!!

Guest's picture

Hey! That kinda mena to critisize shoes. I have those, you know!!!

Guest's picture

Really thats kinda bad

Guest's picture

who in the heck would make these silly things.!!??!!??? they're NASTY, GROSS, UGLY, AND SHOULD DIE

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have you see the vibram five fingers those are ugly shoes

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