Ultimate Gift Guide: Thoughtful Ideas for Every List and Every Budget

Do you have your shopping list ready? Are you checking it twice? And are you at a loss for what to get your friends and family? Instead of wandering the busy mall hoping for inspiration, we’ve got hundreds of gift ideas for everyone on your list, no matter what your budget. (See also: 5 Steps to Stress-Free Holiday Giving)

25 Gifts That Save Money

Want to go a step beyond gifts that are useful? Every single one of the items on this list can help save money. Now THAT is a gift that keeps on giving.

31 Great Gifts that Keep on Giving

Don't give something that'll end up in the junk drawer. Instead, try one of these creative gifts that will be appreciated for months (or even years!) to come.

25 Awesome, Useful Gifts

Eliminate the phrase "it's the thought that counts" by giving one of these awesome, useful gifts.

25 Thoughtful and Frugal Personalized Gift Ideas

You don’t need to spend a fortune to show someone you care. Find something cool to give in this collection of affordable personalized gift ideas.

Unusual Gift Ideas for a Memorable Holiday Season

Every year I struggle to find meaningful gifts for relatives that they will appreciate instead of adding to the clutter of "stuff" they own. Here are a few of my favorite ideas.

How to Buy Art as Gifts

Beautiful original art doesn’t have to be expensive. Often, it costs no more than you’d spend on a sweater at the mall or a gift certificate for a nice restaurant. In other words, entirely within many holiday gift budgets.

9 Useful Kitchen Gifts

There some kitchen items that have become part of my life in the past year that I now can't live without, that would make great gifts.

10 Great Gifts From the Thrift Store

This year, lessen your carbon footprint, support your local economy, save money, and give to charity all at the same time — buy gifts at the thrift store. (See also: 10 Things to Look for at a Thrift Store)

10 Last-Minute Gift Ideas for Under $15

Find the perfect gift in the nick of time, with 10 last-minute gift ideas that cost less than $15.

25 Great Gifts for $5 or Less

Need some non-crafty, hardly homemade gift ideas, all for less than $5? Here are 25 with something suitable for nearly everyone on your gift list.

20 Great, Free Gift Ideas

You don't need money to give great gifts — instead, give the gift of your time with one of these thoughtful ideas.

14 Gift Ideas for the Truly Broke

The holidays are already upon us, and some of us are completely and utterly broke. Here are a few ideas for time and skill-related gifts that you can give to friends and family, and maybe even acquaintances.

10 Gift Ideas That Cost Almost Nothing

We all love to give gifts, but sometimes tight budgets make it difficult. Use these ideas to give thoughtful gifts without spending much — or any — money. (See also: Holiday Shopping at the Dollar Store)

25 Gifts You Can Make Today

There's still time to craft an affordable, meaningful homemade gift with one of these 25 awesome ideas.

10 Homemade Liqueurs to Bottle for Tasty Gifts

Infused alcohols, or liqueurs, are easy to make at home and are always welcome gifts.

15 Delicious Gifts You Can Bake

Holiday baking is a sweet tradition, and you'll find plenty of traditional holiday baking ideas here, plus a few new ones for some sweet holiday surprises.

7 Savory Food Gifts

I love sweets, but by the time December gift-giving comes around, I can feel my cavities forming. Here are some savory alternatives to traditional sugary gifts.

Gifts for the Person Who Has Everything

It’s always hard to have a person on your list who has everything. Here are some gift ideas for just for them.

20 Gifts for the Guy Who Has Everything

What do you get for the guy who seems to have everything (or, at least, wants almost nothing)? Check out this list of practical and experience-based gifts.

20 Gift Ideas for Your Co-Workers

Bonus or no bonus, the gifts in this guide to giving to co-workers won't break your holiday budget. (See also: Frugal Office Party Foods)

21 Perfect Holiday Gifts for Book Lovers

It's hard to buy a book lover the right book. These bookish gifts, some for reading, some to make reading easier, are bound to please your bibliophiles.

10 Gifts for Your Boss

Buying a gift for a boss will make them feel appreciated, which they're sure to reciprocate.

20 Great Gifts for Home Cooks

The best thing about giving cool, thoughtful kitchen gifts to the avid home cook? The delicious home cooked gifts you'll enjoy for years to come.

10 Great Gifts for Teachers

No more apples, mugs, or other unwanted gifts. This year, consider one of these 10 winners, all suggested by teachers.

15 Great DIY Gifts for Geeks

Whether your geek is into comics, Star Wars, Lego, or steampunk, you can make a cool, thoughtful gift they'll love once for being DIY and twice for being nerdcore.

8 Gifts the Man in Your Life Really Wants

Truthfully, no man wants a cardigan for Christmas. Here are some surefire gifts to make the men in your life smile.

10 Holiday Stocking Stuffers for Techies

Stuff your favorite techie's stockings with some of these great gadgety gifts.

9 Gifts to Give the Neighbor You Like

If strong fences make good neighbors, what do great gifts make? Give a couple of these this holiday season and find out!

20 Fitness Gifts for $15 or Less

From cyclists to swimmers, find great (and inexpensive!) gifts for the fitness-lovers in your life.

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Ultimate Gift Guide: Thoughtful Ideas for Every List and Every Budget

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