Use Holiday Hiring to Get Your Next Job – And Keep it!

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I'm already getting emails from retailers letting me know that they need temporary workers for the holiday season. And while I'm not looking, I know plenty of people who have been left in search of a job, and with little time to spare. I caught up with Tim McCormack, President of Job Source USA (Omaha, NE), who opened my eyes to the world of possibilities. Here are the questions and answers most likely to get Wise Bread readers a chance at employment for the next few months, and possibly longer:

What kind of business does Job Source USA help retain employees for, and do these industries all require additional help during the holidays?

Job Source USA is able to provide temps, temps-to-hire or direct hire employees to all types of business. For example, right now were are helping
local retail businesses for the holiday season. In addition, though it is months away, we are starting to place individuals who will help accountants
and tax preparation businesses with personnel for the tax season that begins right after the holiday. We are always working ahead of schedule so that we
can provide our clients with the best possible employees.

When do businesses usually start hiring for holiday business?

Businesses start hiring for the holiday season at the end of September and the first part of October. It's important to start early. Again, the best possible employees are those who are prepared and armed with a job plan. Those are already coming to use with resumes in hand trying to secure top-level temporary holiday jobs.

What percentage of new holiday hires would go on to become permanent employees? Do they replace existing employees, or does the workforce expand?

A lot depends upon the business needs of the company we place them with. Between 50 - 60 percent of those people that are placed with a company during the holiday season go on to become full time employees. These people are not displacing existing workers, some of these workers may be replacing workers who would be moving on to another job or who in the normal course of events choose to do go back to school or to do something else.

What can job applicants do to increase their chances of getting hired for the holidays? How can this be an advantage for being kept on permanently?

Applicants should have a good work history and good references, and once they are hired they should live up to their references....

What affect will the current economy have (if any) on this year's holiday hiring practices?

The economy is a big factor, and there is no doubt it will affect all of us here in the United States. However, our staffing company must keep a stockpile of qualified workers who are ready to go to work on an hour's notice. While we do have customers who plan ahead and work with us a good deal in advance of their needs, at least half our clients are simply reacting to a situation that arises when a worker doesn't show up for work for one reason or another.

Will we be able to place all these people? It depends on what is happening in the economy the month before the holiday season. Hiring for the tax companies will not be affected by the economy -- Everyone still must file a tax return. And while the manufacturing portion of our business has experienced a temporary
slow down, the retail and service area seems to have remained steady. That could change tomorrow!


So there you have it! Whether you use a company like Job Source USA to assist you in your career aspirations, or go straight to the source of that "Now Hiring for the Holidays" sign, there are things you can do now to keep you employed later.

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A great website that I've found that aggregates job listings from many sources and makes them easily searchable is Simply Hired.

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I worked as holiday cover for a local brewery and eventually stayed on for 4 years!