Walt Disney Offers Refunds for Baby Einstein DVDs

Photo: Baby Einstein

A few months ago I wrote that I thought that "educational" DVDs for babies such as Baby Einstein were a waste of money because their educational benefits were quite dubious. It seems that a group of lawyers threatened a class action lawsuit last year against Disney for deceptive practices since the videos are heavily marketed as educational but research showed that television could actually be detrimental for very young children. Now Disney is offering a refund of up to $15.99 for each Baby Einstein DVD. Here are some details on how you can trade in your old Baby Einstein videos for some cash or a different product.

First you should print out an official mail-in certificate from the Baby Einstein DVD Upgrade / Money Back Guarantee website. Each household can return or exchange up to four DVDs that were purchased between June 5, 2004 and September 4, 2009. You do not need to send in any receipts, but you need to fill out a claim form for each DVD you are sending in. The offer allows you to trade your DVD for a different Baby Einstein product, a 25% off coupon code for Little Einstein products at DisneyStore.com, or $15.99 cash. If you return the maximum of four DVDs then you can get a check for $63.96.

All submissions must be postmarked by March 4, 2010 and mailed to:

The Baby Einstein DVD Guarantee/Upgrade Offer
P.O. Box 3200
Neenah, WI 54957-3200

If you just happen to have these DVDs lying around and no longer have a need for them then taking this offer would definitely yield more cash than selling the DVDs at a garage sale or online.

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Guest's picture
Stacey Marcos

I can't wait to send those DVDs in. They've been sitting around for a couple of years getting dusty. I'm gonna have to used a few different addresses though. Momma's gettin a new pair of shoes!

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So, how unethical would it be to buy four of these DVDs on ebay or half.com for the express purpose of making a couple of bucks off the rebate? Or getting some new DVDs to give as shower/baby gifts?

Guest's picture
Stacey Marcos

I was on Ebay last night with the same question in my mind. For around $6 a piece, you stand to make a bit of cash on the deal.

I already have one's I already purchased long ago. But I would see no problem with someone else going the ebay route. I don't see much of an ethics problem. Sending in fake dvds, that would be unethical.

Xin Lu's picture
Xin Lu

You can also buy them for less than $6 each including shipping at Amazon Marketplace

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I can't believe someone would have the audacity to send the videos back for cash based on this.  They are a form of entertainment and I'm sure everyone who had them had children who enjoyed watching them.  If a person had their children watching TV in excess that is there fault.  Unbelievable!