Wantable Accessories: Funky Elegance at a Discount


Why pay full price when there are discounts to be had? Makeup and fashion accessories are no exception. With Wantable, you can get premium makeup, accessories, and intimates at half price — or less! While you won't know exactly what will arrive, a style quiz ensures that you'll love what you get. (See also: Affordable Accessories to Kickstart Your Style)

About Wantable

Wantable is a Milwaukee-based company of about 15 employees spread to as far as New York City. They aim to match their customers with sure-to-love accessories, makeup, and intimates. For $40 (or $36 if you sign up for a subscription), you receive a number of goodies valued at $80 to $100, all which suit your personal style. How do they know what you like, you ask? Well, they ask — in the form of an illustrated style quiz. (See also: Surprise Yourself With a Wantable Box)

The Goodies

The accessories I've gotten from Wantable have been great so far. There were one or two misses, but nothing to make me want to return the whole box. The style quiz really seems to work! Here's a sampling of my loves, likes, and dislikes:

  • Love: Classic, Mix 'n Match, Earrings, Necklaces, Headbands
  • Like: Rock 'n Roll, Boho, Bracelets, Gold Tone, Silver Tone
  • Dislike: Rings, Watches, Sunglasses, Wood, Leatherette

And these arrived in the mail:

Akoya Necklace

Look at this. Look at it! I mean…wowzers. I am rendered speechless by how gorgeous this necklace is. It manages to make pearls and rhinestones — pretty traditional elements in jewelry — a little funky, but not so much that it would be out of place at an elegant soiree. I would absolutely pay full retail for this.

Retail value: $28

Lavi Bracelet

If you need a bracelet to go with the above necklace, this one will do quite nicely! The gold settings that make up the Lavi bracelet have tiny balls on the corners just as the settings on the Akoya necklace do. Don't worry about being too "matchy-matchy", though; transparent faceted gemstones make for an interesting twist. The extra bulky spring ring clasp is something I don't see every day (which is nice!) but it's also a little hard to maneuver (not so nice).

Retail value: $28

Calida Earrings

With these Wantable boxes, there's always something that gives me pleasant surprise. (I guess that's the point, isn't it?) From the front, the Calida earrings seem like a simple black round set in a textured gold frame. But from the side, you'll see that it's actually a crown. It's not noticeable unless someone gets up close and personal with your ear, but like the colorful patterned lining of a trench coat, you know it's there.

Retail value: $18

Imagine Earrings

The Imagine Earrings are small, silver-toned infinity signs. I guess they're…nice? They'll work fine if you need a basic piece of jewelry that's not too showy. I would be spending all day checking to see if they're perfectly horizontal on my ears, but that's just me.

Retail value: $20

Is It Worth It?

The total retail value of this box is $94. At $40 per box, this translates to $54 (57%) savings. While I am somewhat underwhelmed by the Imagine Earrings, I love everything else — especially the Akoya Necklace. You miles may vary, but for me, the beautiful necklace and bracelet make this box worth it! Check out Wantable now!

Disclaimer: I received a free box for an honest review.

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I feel like you could easily find similar looking jewelry at the mall. Always compare prices and see if your item is truly unique before purchasing! :)

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