Wantable: Fashion Surprises in a Box


If you like surprises and fashion, then you're in for a treat! Wantable is a company that offers premium makeup and boutique accessories (as well as intimate and fitness apparel) at a discount. The twist is that you don't get to choose the pieces — they make the selection for you based on your answers to a style quiz.

About Wantable

Since 2012, Wantable has been matching their customers with products chosen specifically for them. When you enter their site, you choose a category (makeup, accessories, intimates, or fitness — this ones new!) and answer about 30 questions about your style and preferences. Don't worry, the quiz uses a sliding scale so it's super easy! Just pick between Like, Love, or Dislike, and Wantable's crew will send a personalized box of goodies picked just for you. One-time boxes cost $40, or you can subscribe for $36 a month. (Pricing is a little different for the fitness box.)

The Goodies

Wantable's accessory boxes have been good to me, for the most part — lots of great statement pieces that I can dress up or down, some simpler fare that I can wear when I need just a touch of something extra, and a few truly stunning necklaces and earrings that I've received compliments on from strangers. How did they do this time? Here's a sampling of my loves, likes, and dislikes:

  • Love: Classic, Mix 'n Match, Earrings, Necklaces, Hair Accessories
  • Like: Rock 'n Roll, Boho, Bracelets, Scarves, Silver Tone, Gold Tone, Multi Tone
  • Dislike: Glam, Rings, Watches, Sunglasses

And they picked out these items for me:

Jessica Necklace

The Jessica necklace is held together by loops of silver and gunmetal gray chains, with ring components of the same tones. The looped chains around the rings can cause the necklace to tangle in on itself, and the draping chains may twist awkwardly, but a few gentle shakes will ease everything into place.

You have to really like this necklace to wear it often — it takes some adjusting to get the chains to fall as they should. Luckily, I do like this necklace, and I rather enjoy unknotting and untangling things (I find it soothing!). While I'm not quite in love with this necklace yet, I'm happy to make a place for it in my wardrobe.

Retail value: $14

Bree Necklace

I'm more excited about this necklace called Bree. It's simple enough to go with most anything, but the chunky links give it a fun pop. Close up, the gold finishing looks cloudy and scratched up — the accessory version of the distressed look, I guess? I'm not a fan of deliberately distressed clothing, but I like the texture it creates in this necklace.

Retail value: $21

Regan Headband

The Regan headband is embellished with pearls, sequins, and beads — it sounds like a lot, but the overall effect is nicely understated. It is absolutely something I would buy for myself! Better yet, this headband actually stays on my head, even when I try to dislodge it by swinging my head round and round (don't try this at home). I think it has something to do with the cloth backing; that grip is solid. The headband also fits comfortably, which is rare for my unusually large head. I'm counting this one as a win!

Retail value: $18

Corrinne Earrings

I like these a lot. The Corrinne earrings from designer Emily Maynard feature resin and acrylic beads, and that blue! That blue is beautiful. I already have earrings this color (from Wantable, even!), but not quite in this shape — so yes, I will be wearing these too. My only complaint is that they feel a little heavy, but goshdarnit, I'll get used to it!

Retail value: $45

Is It Worth It?

The total retail value of the four pieces in this box came out to $98. At $40 per box, this translates to $58 (59%) savings. While I'm not entirely sold on the Jessica necklace, I love the Corrinne earrings and I know I'll get a lot of mileage out of the Bree necklace. The Regan headband I'll keep around for the days when I actually feel like playing around with my hair. All in all, for me, this box was worth it! Sign up for your very own Wantable box today!

Disclaimer: I received a free box for an honest review.

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