Watch NBA summer league games for free is providing free streaming webcasts for all the 2007 summer league games. All you need to do is to sign up for a free account. Your local team's games might be blacked out. Some people advised not signing up with your real address to bypass this problem. "Abundance" from Clutchfans suggested editing the URL to avoid the black out. I haven't tried either tip yet, since I would rather gouge out my eyes than watch the Lakers play.

Normally these games are pretty boring, but as True Hoop points out, this is a special year:

A weird combination of a strong 2007 draft, the appearance of plenty of returning NBA players, the expansion of the Las Vegas Summer League to feature 22 teams, and a nice mix of interesting stories makes the 2007 Vegas Summer League the most promising in recent memory.

The game I am looking forward to is the July 15th game between Kevin Durant's Sonics and Greg Oden's Trail Blazers. There was a ton of heated speculation over which one of these great players should go #1 in the draft. I think this game will be the first of many epic battles between these potential superstars.

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They're streaming it live over at for free if you wanna watch it online.

Also if you miss the live stream you can go download the replay at (it takes them at least 20 minutes to upload the replay though fyi)

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try to watch NBA summer league games for free

it works for me