Watch Wise Bread Blogger On The Today Show! (1/11)

Photo: Jeff Yeager

This Friday morning, Wise Bread's own Jeff Yeager will be on The Today Show! In most cities the show is aired from 7:00 am to 11:00 am. [Update: here's the clip!]

Jeff is a hilarious guy so make sure you check out his segment. Here's a taste of his frugal credentials:

I only buy my clothes at stores where I can also buy pork chops, in bulk. I also "recant" (as opposed to "decant") the liquor I serve my guests, pouring cheap brands into empty premium brand bottles that I keep on hand, a practice that has never, ever been questioned by my fawning guests. I use my salad spinner to quick dry paper towels and plastic bags for reuse, and I even inject leftover jelly into day-old donuts, if the plain ones are the only kind the bakery has on sale. (link)

He'll talk about his new book The Ultimate Cheapskate's Road Map to True Riches, and his bike tour across America to raise awareness about frugality:

Jeff Yeager, The Ultimate Cheapskate, will pedal his bicycle to peddle his new book in the Tour de Cheapskate, a series of book-tours-by-bicycle around the nation.


In addition to traveling by bicycle, Yeager hopes to economize even more by staying with fellow cheapskates along the way (only if he's invited, that is). Being a big-hearted cheapskate, Yeager will donate what he saves in expenses to local libraries along his route. Other possible tours are being researched in the Mid-Atlantic, Midwest and other regions. [Will's note: Jeff is still looking for hosts. Please email him at UltCheapskate (at) if you can put him up for the night]

If he's in your neighborhood, drop by his book signings and say hi to a fellow Wise Breadian! You can also listen to him on the radio.

Tour de Cheapskate Southwest
(All itineraries are subject to change.)

1/15/08 - Arrive SAN DIEGO, CA

1/16/08 - Book Signing 7:00PM: Borders Books & Music. Mission Valley Shopping Center, 1072 Camino Del Rio N., SAN DIEGO, CA 92108 Ph. 619-295-2201

1/17/08 - Cycle to POTRERO, CA Book Discussion: 7:00PM Potrero Public Library

1/18/08 - Cycle to EL CENTRO, CA - Book Signing 4:00PM: Fifth Avenue Book Center, 549 West Main Street, EL CENTRO, CA 92243 Ph. 760-337-8067

1/19/08 - Cycle to YUMA, AZ

1/20/08 - Cycle to Kofta Wildlife Refuge, AZ

1/21/08 - Cycle to SAOLME, AZ

1/22/08 - Cycle to PHOENIX, AZ

1/23/08 - Book Signing 7:00PM: Changing Hands Bookstore, 6428 S. McClintock Drive, TEMPE, AZ 85283 Ph. 480-730-0205

1/24/08 - Cycle to TUCSON, AZ

1/25/08 - Book Signing 7:00PM: Barnes and Noble, 5130 E. Broadway, TUCSON, AZ Ph. 520-512-1166


Tour de Cheapskate South Florida
(All itineraries are subject to change.)

2/11/08 - Arrive TAMPA, FL

2/12/08 - Book Signing 6:00PM: Inkwood Books, 216 South Armenia Avenue, TAMPA, FL

2/13/08 - Cycle to SARASOTA, FL

2/14/08 - Book Signing 7:00PM: Sarasota News & Books, 1341 Main Street, SARASOTA, FL 34326 Ph. 941-365-6332

2/15/08 - Cycle to FORT MEYERS, FL

2/16/08 - Book Signing 2:00PM: Borders Books & Music, 10037 Gulf Center Drive, FORT MEYERS, FL 33913

2/17/08 - Cycle to Lake Okeechobee, FL

2/18/08 - Cycle to MIAMI, FL

2/19/08 - Cycle to BOCA RATON, FL - Book signing 7:00PM: Barnes & Noble, 1400 Glades Road, University Commons Shopping Center, BOCA RATON, FL 33431

2/20/08 - Cycle to WEST PALM BEACH, FL

2/21/08 - Book Signing 7:00PM: Barnes & Noble, 10500 West Forest Hill Blvd., WELLINGTON, FL 33414 Ph. 561-792-1292

2/22/08 - Cycle to SEBRING, FL

2/23/08 - Cycle to TAMPA, FL

Radio Appearances

Jeff is also doing several radio shows. If there's one in your city, please call in and do a Wise Bread shout out!

1/14/2008 (Monday)

  • USA Radio Network - Daybreak USA (7:35 am EST)
  • WHRL-FM Albany NY - The Jason Keller Show (10:00 am EST)
  • KCVO Camdenton MO - Morning Show With KC Wright (10:30 am EST)
  • KOSI-FM Denver CO - Murphy & Desnise (11:00 am EST)
  • Syndication Network - Infotrack with Randy Meyer (4:00 pm EST)
  • WLW-AM Cincinnati OH - Scott Sloan Show (10:00 pm EST)

1/15/2008 (Tuesday)

  • ABC Radio Network - Richard & Lori Show (7:00 am EST)
  • BizRadio Network Houston-Dallas Texas - The Morning Show with Brent Clanton (8:20 am EST)
  • WFON Milwaukee WI - Jon and Mary in the Morning (8:40 am EST)
  • KBUL-AM Billings MT - News Talk with Tommy B (10:30 am EST)
  • KOA-AM Denver CO - Morning Show with John Emm (11:00 am EST)

1/29/2008 (Tuesday)

  • Traders Nation Network - Traders Nation with Kurt Schemers and Tom Allinder (11:40 am EST)

1/30/2008 (Wednesday)

  • KYW-AM Philadelphia PA - Morning rReport with Don Lancer (7:05 am EST)

2/11/2008 (Monday)

  • KCMN-AM Colorado Springs CO - Tron in the Morning (9:30 am EST)

Frugal living is rarely portrayed in a positive light in the media. No doubt some of these radio hosts will make fun of Jeff's lifestyle--which is cool, that is a DJ's job. But please call in and support Jeff's passion for frugality. It is about time we get a good will ambassador for the Wise Bread way of life.

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Myscha Theriault's picture

Congratulations, Jeff!

And thanks for letting us know,Will.  


Guest's picture
frugal bandit

Nice to see someone standing up for frugality. WTG Jeff!

Guest's picture

I love the Today Show! I will look for Jeff and the wisebread crew on there.

Guest's picture

I read out Jeff's frugal credentials to my husband and we both had a good chuckle. I wish I had cable so I could watch the program.

I started a new blog today. Please come by and check it out:

Julie Rains's picture

I caught this announcement when I was working on my Endurance Frugality post; otherwise I would not have tuned into the Today Show but would have been working sans TV. I got to see most of the segment and love the bicycle idea!

Will Chen's picture

Jeff you were awesome!

I hope he brings me back some souvenirs from the green room.  =)

Guest's picture

Jeff was a great guest. I really like that segment.

Guest's picture

Hey -

Thanks so much for the kind words about my interview. I was soooo nervous before (and during) it! Honest to God it seemed less than 10 seconds long and I truthfully didn't remember a single thing I said after is was over. When I got home, I told my poooor wife, "I can only describe it as like when you faint in a pitched fever when you have the flu."

I'm really looking forward to being a more active part of the WiseBread community as things settle down for me. In fact, I start my "Tour de Cheapskate" book-tours-by-bicycle next week and I'll be blogging ever day or so here on WiseBread about my experiences on the road (sharing some frugal tips along the way too, I'm sure).

BTW, I'll be staying with local cheapskate's and donating my expense savings to libraries along the route --- so please email me at if you can put me up for the night. I'm going to planning tours throughout '08, so email me regardless of where you live (I'm willing to help out with household chores and I don't snore as loud as I did before the operations.)

Stay Cheap!
-Jeff Yeager
Author, The Ultimate Cheapskate's Road Map to True Riches

PS - Here's the video link to the Today Show spot if you're interested (just paste it to your browser, even if it hurts

Guest's picture

Maybe next time they should interview your wife as well. You sound like a really funny guy to live with. Great job promoting frugal living Wise Bread!


Guest's picture

You make a great ambassador for all us cheapskates. I'm proud of you Jeff.