Wedding Dresses for Under $200

Target is offering wedding dresses for under $200!

Now, I've been griping lately about imported Chinese goods. These Isaac Mizrahi gowns are probably sewn in sweatshops in Asia, so mentioning them here isn't meant as a promotion per se. That said, I still find it fascinating.

NPR did a quick story on the online-offered gowns today, which you can listen to here.

Mind you, you can still find a cheap used wedding gown at a consignment shop or even Goodwill, but you run the risk of getting only a limited pool of outdated dresses to choose from. With the Target gowns, at least you're starting with something modern and chic that you can spruce up and personalize on your own.

Photo by Anthony Easton.

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Jessica Harp's picture

For those of us plus-size girls, Lane Bryant has great wedding dress for under $200. 

Andrea Karim's picture

The Isaac Mizrahi gowns go up to a size 18.

I've never seen the dresses at Lane Bryant. Thanks for the tip!

Guest's picture

You can already buy decent men's suits for less than $100 there. I've received many compliments for my suits and they're dirt cheap.

Will Chen's picture



Slightly Slutty Princess


I know, I've got problems.


Andrea Karim's picture

Wow, Eowyn is bad-ass. Interesting that there was no hobbit version.

And it that's considered slutty in Rivendell... (tries to think of smart-ass comment. Fails).

Guest's picture

I've never understood why a man can rent a Tux for his wedding, but women are expected to BUY their dress?

Guest's picture

I got a very fancy bridesmaid dress in white for under $300. I had it hemmed to ankle length and there was enough in the back for a short train. The bridesmaid dresses for my wedding were under $50 each.