We're Link Lovers, Not Fighters.....

Wow! What an amazing couple of weeks it has been. We have seen an amazing amount of link love, and we wanted to share some of the highlights with you!


Even with the birth a new daughter, Trent over at the Simple Dollar gave us lots of love in the past few weeks. You can check out some of the linking here, here, here, and here. Congrats on your newest addition!


Lifehacker continued to show us the love with their mention of Sarah Winfrey’s definition of success and again with Joann Hong’s de-stinkifying techniques.


Frugal Hacks also loved those ingenious cleaning ideas…and presented a few more that maybe you weren’t aware of.


Philip Brewer’s money laundering article brought in readers from all over the web. Thank you to the New York Times for including it in a recent roundup of noteworthy internet findings! Cash Money Life, Bookish Biker, A Spork in the Road , and The Day They Tried to Kill Me joined in the linkapalooza!


KUOW public radio linked to Paul Michael’s pink slip article when mentioning upcoming programming.


Lifehack.org kept things cool when sharing Myscha Theriault’s ice cube savings trick. They also let us know that it’s OK to ask for more, by mentioning Andrea Dickson’s earn more by demanding it article.


J.D. over at Get Rich Slowly gave us a nice mention in the list of essential blogs. We feel like family now!


Catholic Exchange shared Paul Michael’s Paypal impulse piece as a Reading Room Resource for their family finance readers!


Justin Ryan’s ketchup-packet-squeezing mother got a revisit by several great websites, including Blogging Away Debt, The Consumerist, and Rather Be Shopping. And speaking of Quechup…. These sites helped to ring the alarm by sharing Justin’s terrifying tale of exponential spamming: This, I See, Hear, Read, Believe, Skullring.org, and Out to Pasture.


Who knew crocs were so dangerous? Paul Michael did, when he presented one reader’s experience of crossing the popular shoe with an escalator. The Consumerist helped to break the news. They also shared a tip from Linsey Knerl on getting free ink at Walgreens!


Paul Michael proved that stains don’t have to be shameful, thanks to Dumb Little Man. Leave it to Motherload to pass on this same great advice to their largely Mommy audience. And it just wouldn’t be like Lifehacker not to mention a lifehack like this one!


Proof that real people really do win our reader comment contests, Ray over at Money Blue Book let his readers know all about his free Amazon gift certificate!


Carolina on My Mind lets it be known that you can love Clay Aiken and great personal finance tips at the same time!


Freeze! Don’t move! Nora Dunn’s advice for getting your debt under control was a hot topic over at beingfrugal.net. We even read more about how it was put into practice!


We also want to give a special shout out to Gary at the Dollar Stretcher !  If you haven't visited yet, get on over there!  I promise you will not find a more interesting collection of money-saving ideas in one place. 


As always we want to remind you that we get billions of links (well, maybe not quite) and tracking them at times is difficult. While we really are doing our best to mention everyone, please email us at tips@wisebread.com if we missed you. We would never leave anyone out on purpose! Thanks for another great bunch of links!

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Guest's picture

For the advice and the link! Freezing my credit cards was fun! :)

Guest's picture

I am no authority but you guys continually impress me with your content. I officially predict that you'll minimally double in size over the next year.


Will Chen's picture

That means a lot coming from you. =)

Fantastic post Linsey.  Your friendly hellos always bring a smile to my face.

Ray and I exchanged some emails discussing what he can use his gift certificate on.  I told him the new Serenity DVD is the way to go.  But he's not convinced.  We may have to take the certificate back. 


Linsey Knerl's picture

It was my pleasure... I love seeing all the places that link to Wisebread.  I have met so many fantastic people!

Guest's picture

Maybe cheaper to just buy a shirt that says "Nerd Alert" and spend the leftovers on a pocket protector or something. :)

Will Chen's picture

Actually, a pocket protector comes with the delux DVD edition of Serenity.  For those of you who doubt Serenity's awesomeness.  Check out this scene and this one.  (major spoiler for Shindig episode).

Myscha Theriault's picture

It can't be easy thinking up clever turns of phrase every month with the link love write up. Way to go.

Linsey Knerl's picture

Turning a phrase is not as difficult as inserting the right hyperlink... I'm so absent-minded it takes me forever!!  LOL

Myscha Theriault's picture

particularly prior to early morning coffee . . .

Guest's picture
Kyle J

Always enjoy your blog and thanks for the mention!

Guest's picture

Frugal Hacks is the new kid on the block, so thanks for noticing and mentioning our link. It's always nice to feel welcome when you're new.

Guest's picture

Thanks for the gift certificate! First time I've won anything in a long time. :)

Guest's picture

Hmmm...I haven't figured out what to do with the Amazon gift certificate yet...maybe buy that new OJ book...just kidding. Never! :)