What are your favorite free web services?

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Addicted to Facebook? Don't go anywhere without Google Maps? Can't survive your job without Last.fm? There are thousands of wonderful free web services out there. Which ones are your favorites?

Share your favorite free web services in the comments and be entered in a random drawing to win a $25 gift certificate from Amazon.com!

Don't worry if the service you want to mention has already been posted. Go ahead and mention it. Everyone has a unique view about each service. We would love hear your personal take!

This drawing is over. Congrats to Jill Walser, our winner for this drawing Thank you to everyone who participated!

Wise Bread bloggers live and breathe the Internet. Here are the free web services that get us through the day.

Will Chen

  • Radio Paradise - a traditional internet radio with probably the best play list in the world. Playing today: Tom Petty, The Cure, Ray Charles, Beatles, The Shins, Led Zeppelin, Radiohead, and John Coltrane.
  • Waker Upper - Send yourself a wake up call. You can even leave yourself a message.
  • Good Search - Benefit charities just by using this search engine. Downside--it is powered by Yahoo! and not Google.
  • Google Docs - Create Office-like documents that you can share with others and instantly publish on the net.
  • NBC Shows on Demand - You can now watch your favorite NBC shows legally, and for free. Watch great shows like Conan, The Office, Heroes, Journeyman, and Friday Night Lights. There are commercial interruptions (like regular TV), but I just use that time to check my email.
  • Firefox is more of a program than a service, but it deserves a special mention. Check out this list of best Firefox extensions by our very own Justin Ryan.

Julie Rains


  • CarePages is a neat way of communicating the status of a friend or family member who is having a health crisis. You sign up and post updates on the site, and then your friends can check the site to see the latest news and also send messages.
  • Anywho to find phone numbers.
  • County library site for full catalog search.
  • Google News for news updates, particularly on stories that I may be following.
  • Free parts of Hoovers online for business info and finance sites (MSN, Google, Yahoo) for quick stats on company stock prices and more if I'd like.

Andrea Dickson


  • Pandora is smart internet radio that builds custom stations just for you. It has helped me to discover several bands/artists that I otherwise never would have known about. I love that I can create a station around a particular artist. If I'm in an Amy Winehouse mood, those are the kinds of songs I get. If I'm feeling like something more chipper, I can listen to my Barenaked Ladies station. Good times!
  • I also use the NBC shows. I don't have a TV, so it's how I keep up with Heroes (although this season kind of bites compared to the first). [Editor's note: things will pick up when Kristen Bell joins the cast tonight!]

Linsey Knerl


  • ToonTracker - For hearing flashback clips of all my favorite 80's cartoons (Pole Position, anyone?)
  • CPS government recalls - This government site lists 6 agencies in the U.S. and their recall alerts. Subscribe to each to receive up-to-date info for your interests.
  • Wunderground - Since I live out in the boonies, no major weather station covers where I live. This site gives me accurate info for my zip code. The free version is adequate.
  • MegaConverter - Wonderful math and science tool for converting almost ANYTHING -- angles, area, force, length, mass --etc. Has link for teaching tips, and megacalculator.
  • Randomizer - I use this a lot for choosing winners for giveaways and unlucky chore participants. Could work for lotto numbers, too. [Editor's note: I stand by the monkey-dart-throwing system we use for Wise Bread, so there.]
  • Pandora is one of my top favorites as well. I'm a freak for the They Might Be Giants station. My daughter listens to the Ashley Tisdale station. It's all good.

Nora Dunn


I'm personally a big fan of Skype. Since my family is spread out all over the world (and I'm usually the farthest away), it is a great way to keep in touch for free. Skype has an added advantage over phone calls since the video function brings family members who are thousands of miles away right together. There is something to be said for body language as a crucial part of communication.

Ed O'Reilly


  • WhatTheFont helps you find a particular font based on a sample you upload;
  • Flash Kit is a great resource for finding tutorials and free stuff for your Flash project (don't know if that technically falls under free service, but I've found it to be extremely useful)

Greg Go


  • del.icio.us - for bookmarking stuff and sharing those bookmarks w/ friends.
  • Google Reader - keyboard shortcuts makes it easy to manage many many feeds. Hands down (pun intended) best way to digest a ton of your daily Internet quickly.
  • GooSync - Keep my Palm calendar and my Google Calendar in sync. One calendar limit w/ the free plan though.
  • BackpackIt - Personal notes and what-not. Personal place to braindump future ideas. eg., travel notes.
  • StumbleUpon - for channel-surfing (the best of) the Internet.

Paul Michael


I could not live without craigslist.org. I have saved (and made) so much money using that service. And I'll be honest, Google Adsense is wicked. A free service that makes you money? Yes please.

If you're into free internet stuff, check out Pauls' list of 101 fantastic freebies for your PC.

Share your favorite free web services in the comments and be entered in a random drawing to win a $25 gift certificate from Amazon.com!

This drawing is over. Congrats to Jill Walser, our winner for this drawing Thank you to everyone who participated!


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Myscha Theriault's picture

. . . I thought I'd chime in anyway. My favorites are Wordpress, Yahoo radio, and the CNN live stream. My husband is also a weather underground fanatic for the same reasons Linsey mentioned. Looking forward to learning about more cool freebies.

Guest's picture

Google Apps For Your Domain - lets me host my personal domain's email and other stuff on google's super-awesome servers.

Stikkit Imagine post-it notes that understand what you're saying.

Ta-da List - simple, free to-do lists.

30boxes - Imaging Google Calendar, but with 10 times the awesome.


Guest's picture

I LOVE all the Google stuff. Google reader is a LIFE SAVER. No other way I could keep track of all the things I like to read. Gmail is also amazing and I love how it stacks/threads all the emails from my girls group chat. Google Calendar & Bookmarks are awesome because they are essential and accessible on any computer. Notebook is another awesome tool to keep track of ideas instead of a zillion bookmarks. GOOGLE ROCKS!

Guest's picture
Sabrina Fobes

Since 'FREE' is my favorite price, and with software, it's most appreciated, I have a sizable list of freebies. I work full-time plus have a small web services business, so a lot of my 'freebies' are applicable to those pursuits:

1. Firefox. Although web sites can look different in Firefox than IE, it is not a virus target AND it offers a lot via addons.

2. Pandora. Nice, free web radio services. Builds you your own station(s) based on an artist/artists.

3. IrfanView. I use this a lot, both with the web sites I support and with my own images. Cool tool.

4. The GIMP. An open source graphics program that is awesome for jazzing up images.

5. X-Sheet Invoicing. An Access based invoicing program. Great for a small business... Or businesses not quite ready to take the QuickBooks plunge.

6. giveawayoftheday.com. This site offers free software on a daily basis. Not everything everyday is useful, and reading user input helps with decision making, but I've gotten several good tools from this site... AND a couple fun games, too...

New useful stuff appears daily, it seems. I'll be checking some of the Wisebread bloggers' suggestions, too. Thanks for this subject!

Guest's picture

Toodledo is by far my favorite. It's a really flexible to-do list that just keeps getting better and better. The free version is great, and the paid version is only $15 a year.

Other things I use on a daily basis: Gmail, Google Reader, and Joe's Goals.

Guest's picture

My choices are pretty simple and common: I love Facebook, all of Google's products (Gmail, Google Docs, etc.), allrecipes.com, and being able to access news items from almost any source.

Also, I like watching TV shows online, via ABC, NBC or CBS.

Guest's picture

I will try to post a link to my favorite free online diet program: Calorie Count

Calorie Count

I used to pay for Weight Watchers' online program but found the same program on CC for free. I have lost 30 pounds in 5 months!

Guest's picture

I LOVE Google Reader. It's my metaphorical newspaper! I can read it on my computer or my phone. I get news wherever I go.

And this isn't totally free, but I love it: flickr.

Guest's picture

I love www.totallyfreecrap.com!

Every day or every other day it is updated with a link to a free sample. I have gotten tons of free samples daily in my mialbox at home! I check it every day!

Guest's picture

I like all things "G" ...
Gmail, Gcal, and Greader are all fabulous when you are away from home, especially using Google Apps. SInce moving my e-mail to Google Apps, I have cut down on SPAM and am able to answer clients e-mail or family e-mail as needed.

One more non-G thing (no, not G-string), is NetVibes. I love all the gizmos and gadgets that I can cram into Netvibes and have most of my Web Apps right there, it is a huuuggge time saver :)


Guest's picture
Mark B

Stumbleupon (firefox add-on) to lead me to all the great free web services, thus making it the greatest of all.

Guest's picture

The online photographer is run by a guy who knows how to enjoy his hobby on a budget that Wisebreaders can appreciate. (Sorry I couldn't figure out how to make a link with my Firefox browser.)

Guest's picture

I love googlepages.com, a FREE online website editor and hosting from Google. I have my ideasenator there....

Guest's picture
TV Girl

My favorite free thing is definitely downloadable tv episodes. NBC does an especially good job with their shows; you can watch them for several weeks after they air, and they go full screen with good quality.

I also love Firefox because I'm addicted to tabbed browsing, and I use mapquest to find directions anywhere.

Guest's picture

firefox - i like the way it works
blogsome - i love their web hosting, and it's where i keep my blog
networthIQ - this is great for helping me actually visualize my financial progress each month
hotmail - i've had it for almost 10 years and i've never had a problem with it, plus my storage keeps growing and growing

Guest's picture

1-I definately agree with everyone on all the G-stuff. In general, all my email servers!

2-Blogspot. Allowing me to host my blog for free.

3-SparkPeople.com - helps me keep motivated to keep fit, and helps me to eat healthy.

4-Snapfish.com - Nice, easy and free way to distribute my photographs to friends and family.

Guest's picture

My mother lives hundreds of thousands of miles away - she works for an NGO in Paraguay. I would not be able to bear the distance if I couldn't use Skype to talk to her for free over my Interent phone every day. I would never be able to afford long distance charges to Paraguay.

Because Skype is free, I am able to hear the sound of her voice and talk to her every single day, which makes the distance more bearable, and enables her to continue doing her good work down there.

Guest's picture

I agree with everyone who's already mentioned that all things Google are wonderful, especially Gmail, Reader, and Picasa. I also like Flickr and
Ravelry, an online knitting notebook/organizer/community. =)

Guest's picture

Pandora, Sky.fm - for radio
Google Reader
Wikipedia - a quick search was never so easy
SiteMeter - website tracking
Flickr - photo searching

Guest's picture

I'm with many others when it comes to Google Reader. I love it. I also use Google Scholar quite a bit. Other favorites are WordPress, Zen Habits, Firefox, Thunderbird, and streaming NPR news.

Guest's picture

Everything Google = wonderful! And I'm also a fan of Joe's Goals and Ravelry as mentioned above. Remember the Milk is great as well, and integrates with my Google Calendar even!

Guest's picture

Todoist - Simple todo list tracking

Joe's Goals - Daily goal tracking

Every DNS - Free DNS services

Yodlee - Financial account aggregation (automatically computes your net worth, notifies you of transactions, etc.)

And of course all the Google services already mentioned (Gmail, Greader, Gcal and Gdocs being the ones I use most frequently).

Guest's picture

... to Craigslist! Wonderful for used items, selling stuff, and finding prospective clients.

Guest's picture

What's the main difference from your Google Plus page along with a profile.
There are sites that will charge a fee to your membership and also the privilege that is included with it.
If you have not, start employing the Ad - Words platform of Google now.

Guest's picture

Oh Linsey, how happy I was to see that someone else remembers Pole Position. I LOVED that cartoon as a young lass, along with Turbo Teen too. Tee hee. I'm definitely going to check that website out, now that I know that one's up there.

Guest's picture

My top 3 would be:
1. www.slickdeals.net - personally, I like it more than FatWallet because it has friendlier message boards and easier navigation, not to mention all the great deals and freebies. :D
2. www.craigslist.com - do I even have to explain?
3. www.campusi.com - it's a fast and easy-to-use service that finds the lowest price for the book (CD, movie, etc.) you're interested in. It's really useful when I have to purchase textbooks...

Guest's picture

Oh boy, where to begin! I check my Gmail and Google reader first thing every day (with the Better Gmail Firefox extension, Google reader is integrated into Gmail.) Facebook is next on my list. I've been scouring craigslist every day for jobs and apartments.
Last.fm keeps track of my iTunes playcounts and serves up weekly charts on my personal top 10 tracks and artists. Here's one i haven't seen mentioned yet- goodreads.com is where I keep track of the books I've read and get suggestions from my friends on what to read next. Youtube is where i go when i get bored at work (shhh!). I hit up ABC's website to keep up with Desperate Housewives (we all have our guilty pleasures!).

Guest's picture

My faves that have not been mentioned already:

http://www.cheapesttextbooks.com does a price comparison of all major online book retailers. It has glitches sometimes but for the most part I find it works very well. As a student, this has saved me a ton of money.

Free audiobooks for download like http://www.librivox.org or http://www.audiobooksforfree.com. My local public library also has a large database of free downloads.

Wikis like http://scwiki.org and http://daviswiki.org

Guest's picture

Gmail, for email and storage
Netvibes, for my start page
Mint, for keeping track of my transactions in all my different accounts
Newsvine, for keeping up on the news
Facebook, for keeping in touch with and sharing things with my friends
del.icio.us, for gathering links and organizing project sources
Ma.gnolia, for keeping copies of news articles
Clipmarks, for finding cool things on the Web

Guest's picture
Mac McKee

OK, this will go over alot that has been said but I gotta harp on the google suite of apps.

I use the Firefox (with a bunch of the add ons) with iGoogle as (one of) my home tabs. Reader lets me filter so I dont waste time on things I dont want to troll. My calender and photos albums (Picassa) are linked with my wife and kid V1.0 ... I like that the Gmail has a good way to add your pop3 accounts so you do not have to check multiple boxes (go to account settings). What can I say, I have used the gmail since the beta version and I am hooked. My 2 cents.

Guest's picture

I love Netvibes (a free RSS reader). I like the way the feeds show up in their own panels, like sticky notes -- I can arrange and rearrange to my anal-retentive heart's content.

Also, I can add my own sticky notes to a page; for example, my "Monies" tab has personal finance blogs and a list of things I want to buy. Oh, and a list for Christmas presents, because it's never too early to find a good deal on the perfect present. :)

Guest's picture

My fav online service has to be AVG Free. This is one of the best anti-virus programs out there and it's FREE! This includes all updates :) I had Norton for a while, but while Nortaon was installed, I used AVG and it found viri that Norton missed!

So if you're looking for a reliable, inexpensive virus protection, this is the ticked :)

They also have other free services, but I have not tried them out :)

Guest's picture

I cannot do without Facebook, Craig's List(free section!), Yahoo Mail, iGoogle live TV, or Youtube, but here are some sites that haven't been mentioned:

Yelp!- a great online service for consumer reviews...I just moved to San Francisco and I've used it to find cool restaurants, bars, even my Dentist, who is great! They use a 5 star rating system as well, so it helps me find trustworthy people (like a locksmith who won't overcharge) quickly.

Hopstop - if you live in a big city, this website will map out the easiest bus/sub/train routes for you...you can also use it on your phone. I also use Open Table - lets you make reservations and earn points toward free meals! I sometimes use this in conjunction with Restaurant.com's $25 gift certificates you can buy for $10.

Other Stuff:
FotoFlexer , an online photo editor that makes it easy to edit and transfer photos to/from Facebook or Myspace

Ikea Hacker and Instructables are fun for DIY ideas

Cooking By Numbers because sometimes you have to work with what's in your house

Guest's picture

OK, so I'm biased. I blog for LocateTV. But I genuinely think it's a cool free service... it lets you search for where and when a TV show, film or actor is next showing on TV, DVD or online, specific to your region and channels (US and UK).

And it provides free widgets to embed on your site or blog that allow you to share this with your readers - surely everyone's life is enhanced by a bit more blue-eyed Daniel.

Guest's picture

The world's largest garage sale with on-line bidding. I have been ebaying for 8 years and got lots of great bargains ranging from a cool Etnies Skateboard backpack with a $42 price tag for only $25, name brand perfume at less than 50% retail value, an and adorable one of a kind Garfield hand puppet from England and even the current car I am driving for $1,500 less than its blue book value.

Science delivered in a sort of and tabloid and interactive format with lots of pictures and makes learning about complex issue not only easy, but fun. They have lots of "Top Ten" lists and you can even vote on different segments of certain stories as to how much you like them

Learn how to make, build or prepare anything from a solar panel, halloween costumes to Thai Tea in simple step-by-step instructions with pictures or video

Videos and step-by-step instructions to recycle your old clothing into something new.

As easy to understand site to learn all about sewing and many "how-to" segments and instructions for several simple projects (including many Halloween costumes, totes, back to school projects, etc.) that are simple enough even for young teens with no experience sewing to have success at.

www.hotwire.com & priceline.com
You can get great deals on hotel, car rentals and flights; only downside is to get the really great deals you need to travel during non-peak times and you don't have choice of which chain, just a range (for cars, type of car only, for hotels, a geographic range and price range).

I have rented a car on the weekend for as little at $11.95 a day and stayed at 2-3 star hotels with a continental (including freshly cooked Belgian waffles) for as little as $25.00 a night.

Hosted by a non-profit organization with no ads. Has 130 of the world's healthiest foods, general information about storing and a "cooking school" on preparing them and tasty recipes.

Guest's picture

No one's mentioned www.groceryguide.com - it lets you pick at least two stores in your area then shows you the best deals (rated 5 stars to 1 star) so you can stock up - if coupons scare you, they're optional!

Guest's picture
Phil S

1. Bloglines Beta - most sites publish an RSS feed, so I get the news and deals that I want. This online RSS reader can be accessed anywhere. The beta site has a snazzy web2.0 interface.
2. del.icio.us - mentioned before - allows me to bookmark sites and access them anywhere. Searcheable by tags when I don't remember enough about the site name.
3. Flickr - great look & feel for posting photos. I recently started doing more photography, and Flickr is a great site to show off my work and to get constructive feedback. I like it so much I paid for the pro upgrade.

Guest's picture

Beside the free Internet must-haves like Gmail, WordPress, and del.icio.us, I've found some very helpful tools for other areas of my life:

nikerunning.com offers free training programs for runners. Comes with useful tools like a month-by-month calendar and graphs your progress, time, distance in different ways. I put in what distance I want to train for (5k, 10k, half marathon, full marathon), and the program appears on the calendar.

Map My Run uses Google Maps and allows you to put consecutive points anywhere on a map. It adds the total distance for you to let you know how long your run is. I use it to plan my runs in unfamiliar cities whenever I'm traveling.

What the Font is a service offered by myfonts.com that identities fonts for you. Simply upload a font sample, and type in the letters represented in the sample, and it finds a match or a similar font.

The AIGA offers free symbols & signs. The symbols are universal (think airport signage), and is an attempt to improve overall visual communication in the public sphere.

Web MD has been a great resource for me. I personally don't like doctors' knee-jerk reaction to send me away with an antibiotic prescription, so I use it as a starting point for researching treatment options.

Guest's picture

GMail without a doubt. I use it for all of my email, todo lists, and as a file server. Can't live without it.

Also, Facebook, because since they've opened their API, it's helped me make some money!

Guest's picture

For me, I like:

...those aren't all "services" but those are the sites I use daily.

Guest's picture

del.icio.us! I keep all of my recipes there. I set my laptop on the kitchen counter and get to cooking. It's fantastic.

I've made great money on eBay.

Austin Freecycle is a great way to get rid of some things and meet some great people.

I also love the things I find on StumbleUpon. And Flickr. I could really go on and on here...:-)

Guest's picture

If you like to play online games then I suggest pogo.com its free or you can upgrade your account for $20 a year. There are some games exclusively for members and if your not a member you have adds you have to sit through sometimes but over all its not too bad. You can relax and play the games for free and there are prizes you can win including money. The highest amount you can win is 4999.99. You don't have to be a member to win but it doubles the amount you win as a member (not going above 4999.99). There are other prizes too but the games are very enjoyable.

Guest's picture

thought this post is really useful. thanks!
top of mind, my favorites are
1. flickr
2. google reader
3. journey planner-essential travel info for londoners
4. xe.com-for currency conversion
5. accuradio

Guest's picture

Hello to all, the contents existing at this website are really awesome for people knowledge, well,
keep up the good work fellows.

Guest's picture

I think some of my favorites have already been mentioned but I'll mention them again and add a few more:

1. Knotler: For shopping lists and quick one-line reminders.

2. Google Notebook: I've tried a few others but this one was there from the start and is convenient.

3. Google Reader: Makes it a snap to keep up with blogs.

4. Google Calendar: I use it for keeping track of events I'm attending.

5. Gmail: How did I ever manage my email before this came along?

6. Instacalc: For calculations where Windows Calculator is not quite enough but where a spreadsheet would be overkill.

Guest's picture

Bloglines is my go-to place to keep up to date in the world. I started off using Google Reader, but the Bloglines mobile interface blows GReader out of the water.

LibraryThing is one of my absolute favorite sites (particularly as a librarian-in-training). It's just a great place to socialize with other readers, and keep track of what you have and what you're reading.

Along the same lines, BookMooch, a trading site for books. Enter books you'd like to send off to new homes into the system, and look for some that you're interested in yourself. For every 10 books, you earn a point. In country books cost 1 point to mooch; to get a book from abroad costs a bit more. You pay for shipping - which, by mediamail, still is reasonably inexpensive.
It's very much the idea of someone's trash is someone else's treasure. Books have equal weighting, no matter how many people want it or have it (a fact I personally like). I've gotten some near-new books (hardcover even) from the site, and have helped ease some of the load off my bookshelves! I haven't delved into the social aspects as much myself, but it's so far been a very positive experience.

Guest's picture

I really like http://43things.com, it's a life list site. I also like and use gmail, and bloglines, (but I'm looking for a better and accessible RSS reader.)

P.S, I like your accessible captcha!

Guest's picture

I couldn't live without the following free web services:

1. Yahoo email - That's where I send and receive my personal emails and check stock prices.
2. Google - They have the best search engine hands down
3. Facebook - Much better than Myspace in my opinion
4. ESPN.com - I need my daily sports news
5. Fidelity Yodlee Account Aggregator - I combine all of my accounts using Fidelity's Full View function and depend on it to track my assets and investments. Not sure if I should consider this one free though..


Guest's picture

Another vote for google, froogle, google maps, google scholar...

absurdlycool.com is a list of freebies- some pretty decent stuff and no ads

www.retailment.com = searchable list of coupon codes
www.bargainst.com lists great deals for a wide variety of items, including clothes, electronics, makeup, foods
dealnews.com and herdealnews.com = more coupons/good deals

Guest's picture

I'm a resume writer, so I'm at my computer more hours than I'd like to mention. I use IE, and have 20 or so links across the top of my browser.

Acronym Finder - Use it all the time to decipher the toughest of jargon on resumes. (Especially from you tech types, you know who you are!)
Anywho - All-purpose phone number looker-upper. Miss a call? See who it was!
ATT - To pay my bill or see if a certain cell number is free to call from my cell phone. I've maintained the cheapest cell phone rate available by doing this and using my VoIP, even though I'm on the phone constantly.
Craigslist - Love it. Advertize my biz on it, sell stuff I don't want on it, find barters on it. Love it. By FAR one of the funniest sections to look at from my phone at stop lights? Best-of-Craigslist. People are so funny.
Dictionary.com - I use the Thesaurus mostly, and often.
Gmail - Love it. Haven't tried Google Reader though, I will.
IMDb - Because I can never remember what other shows that guy was in... the guy with the mustache... drives me crazy.
LinkedIn - Business networking.
MapQuest - To find out where I'm going. I actually prefer Google Earth (want to know where the closest bank is to your destination? Voila! So cool!) but it takes up too much bandwidth if I've got six other windows open. I can't be bogged down man!
Netflix - I watch stuff online, reorder my queue, etc.
PayPal - Send and receive payments. I'd love to hear if people like something better though. They take a big chunk out when customers pay me. Hate that!
Warm 106.9 - Great contests. I check every day to see if I'm a winner. Go me! I won $500 worth of paint once. Only problem was that I lived in an apartment at the time. I've won all sorts of stuff. I listen online sometimes. That Delilah though, she must secretly be psycho. Ya know?
Wikipedia - I am constantly looking stuff up that comes up in conversation. Especially with my 16 year old who often likes to think he's smarter than me. (And IS just a TAD too often!)
Wisebread - Yep, it's up there! You're thrilled right?
You Tube - Mindless entertainment if I have a free moment. Or if I need to know whose head has been chopped off recently. Little things like that. I couldn’t actually watch that though, could you? Eeesh.

Also appreciated but not active enough to get a spot on the browser:

Safeway - For $4.95, I don't have to slog down aisles for an hour in search of eggs and seedless grapes? Count me in! They bring the stuff right to my kitchen counter. What a country!
ABC/CBS/NBC (I'm not HREF'ing them - they want to fix their darn players, I'll fix my HREF'ing) - I holler at the video for being so darned temperamental (I do SO have an updated JavaScript dammit!) But when I can get it to work, I watch a few shows. Love the Betty!
KOMOTV.com / SeattleTimes.com - I actually go to both of these every day to catch up on news. Maybe I'll squeeze them in.



Guest's picture

I really like www.mybillq.com
It helps me manage my bills and sends reminders when they are due.

Guest's picture

no one else loves WEBSHOTS?! love those free photo screensavers, can stare at them for hours, there are so many really beautiful shots.

www.netives.com >> marbles! The game that keeps me focussed during conference calls.

www.dictionary.com >> clearing one more thing off my desk

www.whfoods.com >> gotta get the best nutrients for my grocery dollars

Guest's picture

Craiglist.org-this has already been mentioned and is a good place to go to find some great deals.There is also handylist.org-not by the same organization and also lots of interesting things on it.
Free411.com-If you don't want to pay the high price to get information
use this instead,all 411 calls made from here are free and you can also
find people and businesses a lot easier then the yellow pages.
Snopes.com-You can find lots of informative news here and also clear up any rumors you might have heard about a certain product,they always
have news you can use.
66stage.com-This a great site to go to when you want to watch regular
tv shows.While ABC,NBC and CBS are good sites to go to this one is all commercial free and most of the shows are played straight through with no problems.
Mapblast.com-This is also a good site to go to when you need directions
perhaps not as good as Mapquest but worth checking out.
Pandaora.com-I believe it's already been mentioned here but I just signed up for it today and it's working out great for me.I love being able to pick the music I want to,when I want to.
Amazon.com-A cool place to buy used books,movies and cd's for a low price and the stuff is always in good shape.I bought many things from there and have yet to be disappointed.
Prevxx.com-A fantastic program to have if you are worried about internet security as most of us are.It costs $25 a year but that's a small price to pay if you really want to protect your computer and everything that's on it.
Clixsense.com-This site is almost like ebay in the sense of people selling and buying items from others.The difference is that there are no buyer or seller fees and a lot of the items being listed are different from what you would find on ebay which makes it interesting.
Grab.com-This last site is for avid gamers,it's a vast community of user friendly people and there is a huge list og games to pick from.You
can be a paying or a free member and still have the same options as to what game you want to play.So if you like playing in competitions and competing against other players in a friendly atmosphere then this is definitely the place to go.

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I can't live without Wordpress because of my blogs. I've used other blogging platforms, but Wordpress is the one that I love.

Then there's Pandora. I listen to it every weekday while I'm working. There were a few times where they were having technical difficulties and I was lost.

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No one's mentioned Grand Central yet. Free phone number in the area code of your choice, forwarding, voice mail, and a ton of other REALLY neat features too numerous to mention here.

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Besides the usual google and such:

onelook.com/reverse-dictionary.shtml Know the concept but can't think of the word? Very handy

hungrybrowser.com/phaedrus Finder of Lost Recipes. Strange and cool site

magazinepricesearch.com Never never pay full price

http//forums.gardenweb.com Not just how to grow stuff, but lots of other topics and specific advice for your area, to help feed yourself and save money.

nal.usda.gov US Dept of Agriculture nutrient database. Detailed list of nutrients in almost any food.

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Great article.

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JOTT... it's the best service ever... and it's free. I always get in my car after meetings and I start thinking of to-dos. So I call Jott and then I get an email w/a list of all of my to-dos. Apparently, you can also sync it w/Google Calendar... but i haven't gotten that far yet.

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Videomap is a great web service that show the best places of the world in video on Google Maps.
Videomap produce:

Travel Video on Google Earth
Video Mapplet for Google Maps
Video Rss
Travel Video for your Blog