What to Buy (and Avoid Buying) in June


June. For some of us, it's a welcome break from the rain and wind. For others, that stormy weather is still hanging on and making summer seem way off in the distance. Wherever you stand, there are bargains to be had and "deals" to avoid. Here's a roundup of the best and worst things to buy in June. (See also:Shopping Calendar:The Best Time to Buy Anything)

First, What to Buy…

June starts off with Dare Day, so if you're feeling brave, this could be a great start to the month for you. Other odd holidays include Best Friends Day (June 8th) and National Splurge Day (June 18th, be careful). Of course, the traditional holiday, Father's Day, is the one most of us keep top of mind. Here are some deals that could help save some money this month.


Ladies and gentlemen, the sale that only comes around twice a year is back. The Victoria's Secret Semi-Annual sale is on again in June, meaning great deals on panties (look out for a FREE panty coupon in the mail) and bras, as well as all the other lingerie in store. In the spirit of competition, other lingerie outlets will also slash prices this month. This could be a good time to stock up on gifts for birthdays, anniversaries, and even Valentine's Day.

Donuts Are FREE

Yes, June 6th is National Donut Day, and to celebrate this fact all of the major donut chains, and some supermarkets, will be giving away a free donut to every customer. If you were so inclined, you could spend the day hitting up every location and get yourself a nice big supply of one of the nation's favorite treats. But that would be quite the task.

Caribbean Vacations

Hurricanes descend upon the Caribbean this month. That makes a lot of holidaymakers nervous about taking a cruise or booking a package trip. But remember, it's only the beginning of hurricane season, and the odds of getting hit by something huge are pretty small. But, nervous people means low prices. You will get some pretty great deals on packages and cruises.

Father's Day Remnants

Once Father's Day has come and gone, you can grab some serious bargains on anything that has been branded with Father's Day messaging. Anything from "#1 Dad" aprons to beer glasses, T-shirts, ties, and cards will be going for a song. If you like to plan ahead, now is the time to pick up deals for next Father's Day. This also applies to graduation goodies.

Touchscreen Laptops

It seems hard to believe that these technological marvels can be priced so affordably, but you can now pick up a budget 11.6" touchscreen laptop for the unbelievable price of $200. A few years ago, that would have been four times the price. If you're willing to spend a little more, you can get 15" models for between $300-$400.

Gardening Items

Already? It seems odd to think that gardening supplies will be going on sale, as the season for spending time outdoors has just arrived. But you will find deals on some gardening supplies by the end of June. Remember, stores are always months ahead, and fall items will always take priority over summer stock.

Go Fishing

Along with the myriad other holidays this month, June is also home to National Fishing and Boating Week. That means FREE fishing, no license required. To tempt you into the water (or onto the riverbank) you will see some nice savings on fishing equipment and other gear. Check out Take Me Fishing for more info.

And What to Avoid…

June 1st is "Flip a Coin" day. However, if you know what's good for you, you won't leave your bargain hunting to chance. Here are the deals to avoid.

4K TVs Are Not Looking Good

4K is the new standard in TV resolution. You may already own a Blu-ray player that will up-res your discs to 4K. But as the technology is so new, the pricing has not started to drop yet. If you want one of the latest TVs, you'll have to wait, probably until Black Friday. But there are still great deals to be had on LED and LCD big screen TVs.

Stay Away From Grills

Summer is not here yet (officially), so the stores are prepping with barbecue items, outdoor gear, and grills. Some big retailers may try to tempt you with prices like 10%-15% off, but you'll be kicking yourself if you splurge now. Wait a while, if you can, and the prices will be slashed in a few months, with plenty of good weather left for grilling.

Apple Products

Hold off on buying anything Apple until the company makes its announcements on the new models coming to the market. The Mac Pro G6 is already available, at a price that will make most budgets whither and die (seriously Apple, $4000 for a computer?). But when new versions of current products are announced, you will see older versions drop in price.

Tools Are Not a Good Buy

Father's Day is in mid-June, and tools are the hot item of the month. The stores know it, too, and you'll see only tiny price cuts, if any, on just a select few items. Wait for the Father's Day heat to die down, and in a few months you'll get way more bang for your buck.

Don't Do Disney

Recent pricing reports indicate that Disney holidays are very popular and are being priced accordingly. Whenever anything is in high demand, the price spikes. And just by waiting until August, instead of June, you could save enough money to take an extra person with you for the same price.

Do you have any purchases planned for June? Please let us know in comments!

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I sure to be buying things for my son's birthday and father's day!!! Best time to buy the grills are after the summer months when they go on discount for sure.

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I was just thinking about shopping for a new Apple laptop. I guess I'll be waiting now... Great list with lots of little bits of information that are easy to miss if you don't do the research!

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I buy this longterm stuff only after the season, where are usually bought. It´s very easy. I give them into the attic and the grill is ready in the summer and with the half price.

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I am already keeping my eye out for Christmas gift ideas. It's never too early to pick up a few on sale items and stash them away. It sure does help out the bank account come November/December when you just have to pick up a few last minute/seasonal gifts.

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