What to Buy (and Avoid Buying) in September


Once again, we're heading into the home stretch; the big shopping days are going to be here in no time. Black Friday, Holidays, New Year, it's all just around the corner. But for many of us, there are still a few great months of sunshine. And whatever the weather, there are always great bargains to grab, if you know what you're looking for. Here's the list for September.

First, What to Buy…

Obviously September kicks off with Labor Day, and you'll find a lot of retails stores taking advantage of that long weekend. This is also the month we kick off Oktoberfest (yes, it starts on September 21st) and cheese pizza day (September 5th). But if those aren't appealing, check out the following deals.

Coffee Deals Are Brewing

September is home to National Coffee Day. On the 29th, you will see a wave of free coffee promotions, as well as heavily discounted products. Look beyond the usual places (Starbucks, Dunkin' Donuts, Caribou) and check out 7-Eleven, McDonald's, and supermarkets.

Patio Goes On Sale

Patio deals have been hot for weeks, but now the stores are really looking to shift the remaining stock quickly. If you can find the goods (many places have already cleared out their patio furniture and accessories), you can expect to see 70% or more off on tables, chairs, outdoor rugs, umbrellas, storage boxes, lighting, and more. You should still have some time this year to enjoy it all.

Lawn and Garden Madness

Along with patio, the other great outdoor pursuit is going on sale — gardening. A quick stroll through any major retailer will soon show you much they want to dump lawn and garden products. Prices are being slashed across the board, including tools, lawn mowers, hoses, plants, shrubs, and trees. The last few months before your first frost are also a good time to plant certain landscaping bushes and plants, so grab those deals now.

Summer Clothes

They're way out of fashion now. Meaning, most people are wearing them, but not really planning to buy any more. Why bother? Well, summer will be here again next year, and unless you absolutely have to have the latest high-street fashions, this is a good time to stock up. Get them now, seal them in vacuum bags, and they'll be ready for 2014. Also look for swimsuits, summer hats, shorts, flip flops, sandals, and even sunscreen deals.

Get a New "Old" Car

There are four months left in 2014, but the dealerships are already looking to push the 2015 models on you. These are great cars, they're just not the latest models, but the dealership knows it will have a hard time shifting old stock. A lot of people want the latest, greatest cars. Don't be one of them. If you want a new motor, now is the time to start shopping. Expect to see some great 0% financing deals, as well as 10%-20% off incentives, and extra cash back offers.

Small Appliances

Big appliances are to be avoided, but their smaller cousins are on sale this month. Take a look at stores like Target, Sears, WalMart, Kohls, and JCPenney for bargain microwaves, toasters, mixers, handheld vacuums, and countertop gadgets.


If you still don't have a laptop, this is another good month to go shopping. The prices continue to drop on laptops, or they remain steady but include greater spec for the same money. Also, there are a few back-to-school laptop deals still hanging around, so shop around and get a laptop bargain.

Baby Stuff

Strollers. Cribs. High chairs. Walkers. Bouncers. You name it, you'll see discounts on them in September. And with Christmas quickly approaching, it could be a good time to grab some bargains as gifts for those people you know with a little one in the house.


The jewelers have good months (February, May, June, October — December) and they have bad months. This is one of those bad months. Nothing is going on. There is no reason to go out there and buy shiny trinkets for anyone, other than birthdays or anniversaries. You will see bargains everywhere. Get a few now, and avoid the price hikes coming in the next few months.

And, What to Avoid…

There are lots of deals this month, but there are a few things to avoid. You will probably guess that a certain huge holiday is just around the corner, and that kicks off our list.

Halloween Gear

Next month, almost two months from now to be honest, is one of the biggest holidays in the retail calendar. Right now, you will see shelves piled high with Halloween goodies, but the prices are scary too. You need to be very careful here. Shop around, wait for deals to come. The best time to buy is November 1st, for obvious reasons.

Large Appliances

The big fridges, dishwashers, ranges, washers and dryers are all going on sale this month. But they won't be bargains. Unless you really have to have it, wait until that wonderful day in November — Black Friday. That's when the biggest discounts of the year will happen.

Fall Clothing and Footwear

You know the aisles are full of fall clothing right now. It's what's hot. And when anything is hot, it is not a deal. Stay away from fall clothing until the Halloween gear goes on sale.

Office Supplies

The few remaining back-to-school sales are about to fizzle out. And once that happens, you start paying full retail price on your school and office supplies. If you see a back-to-school sale, take advantage of it now.

2015 Car Models

Everyone wants a big shiny new car. That's why the prices are so high. Leave them alone and go for last year's model. It's almost the same and comes with a ton of discounts.

What are you planning to buy this month? Any deals you've been looking forward to?

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Gregory Brown

Does anyone know if now would be a good time to buy a mattress with the labor day sales?

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Buying lawn supplies from a big chain is great when you live in a warm climate because they still discount them, even though you can use the stuff year-round.

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