What’s the difference? Your Debt Questions Answered

By Linsey Knerl on 11 March 2009 4 comments

Are you wondering if debt consolidation is right for you?  Maybe you’ve heard about the promises that debt settlement offers.  Or perhaps you’ve just been curious about the possibility of a reliable debt management program.  Join us tonight at 8pm CST on Blog Talk Radio as we speak candidly with Kim McGrigg, Community Manager at Money Management International. We'll hit all the tough issues, including debt settlement, refinancing, and what you need to know BEFORE you sign up for a credit counseling service. 

Kim will be sharing her 14 years of experience with our listeners, giving valuable resources to those with unmanageable debt, mortgage difficulties, and college loan burdens.  She’ll also give us the top symptoms to a potential financial crisis. 

Missed the show?  No problem!  You can hear the archived recording an hour after broadcast.  Meanwhile, here are some useful links for those interested in taking charge of debt: 

Online Net Worth Calculator

Am I Playing the Credit Game? (quiz)

Blogging for Change

Tweet for Change


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Or you could avoid college loans by completing college debt-free. ;)


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There are some excellent tips in that broadcast. The main thing people should shoot for (and they will likely have challenges with) if they're going to consolidate is getting it bundled under a low rate.

Money is cheap now but your history better be spotless. Like Mr. Clean spotless.

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Consumer debt is a term that can have slightly different meanings depending on the context. Typically, consumer debt refers to any debt that is taken on by an individual as opposed to a business. For it to be business debt, the borrower must be the business. Only the most established businesses qualify for credit, so quite often the borrower is an individual even though the purpose of the loan may be business-related..

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Thank you for your words of wisdom on debt and debt elimination solution. This is the reason why this site is tops on my list on sources of financial enlightenment.