When MySpace Meets your Local Producer: Fresh Food Makes a Tech Leap


MySpace, Facebook, and LinkedIn are familiar (and often tired) ways to reach out to others with similar interests and goals. So why am I not surprised to see Social Networking hit the local farmer’s market? Check out the newest way to connect with your farmer down the dusty road.

FarmFoody.org is just in the beginning stages of its (hopefully) long life. Working as an easy way to connect local farmers with local foodies, it offers a simple but effective communication tool to be sure you’re buying the best! Here’s how it works:

  • Go to FarmFoody.org to register either as a foodie (like me) or a farm that offers a vineyard, PYO, Farmer's Market, CSA, a victory garden – or any other type of local producer.
  • Confirm your membership and start building your profile! You can connect and make friends with people near you or near places that you plan on visiting or vacationing (for an awesome local travel experience!)
  • Share recipes, video, or just get to know and support the local system. It’s good for everyone!

While FarmFoody is in the building phase (many farms near and around Virginia), they are expanding, and new farms are added every day. I have found a few within driving distance that I’m excited to check out! If you don’t have any luck getting connected to the freshest food in your area, you might want to try Eatwell, which gives listings for many more combined markets, but doesn’t offer the same kind of interaction with individual farmers and suppliers.

If you’re not up to the task of growing your own, this is a tool worth investing in. It’s free, fun, and with the right amount of interest, communities across the nation can experience the flavor that only fresh-grown can provide. Why not help a farmer out and mention FarmFoody for their local operation?

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Myscha Theriault's picture

Sounds like a fun way to combine a family activity or married date with grocery shopping!And build some of your own social / business contacts at the same time. We are driving through Virginia, so maybe we can stop and check out a few things on the way.

Linsey Knerl's picture

I was surprised to find so many even in Nebraska.  Don't let the Viriginia focus steer you away from checking out areas near you.  It seems that they are adding new ones almost daily!

Myscha Theriault's picture

I think this is such a phenomenal service for both the foodies and the farmers. And family farms are usually short on advertising budgets. This is such a simple way for even those who have avoided the internet computer thing to have an immediate online presence for free.

Guest's picture

Thanks for the cool link share, I've been trying to eat more locally and this site rocks! THanks for pointing it out.


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