When They Say Extreme Deals, They’re Not Kidding!

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I stumbled upon a website last week that gave me that feeling of being a hungry kid in a free candy store. The site offers amazing discounts on thousands of gadgets, and free shipping is the norm. This is one hot bookmark.


Dealextreme.com is a gadget-lover’s paradise. Deals start from just 1 cent with free shipping (don’t ask me how they make any kind of profit on those) and the categories range from computers and electronics, to home & office supplies, apparel and cell phones.

The $2 gadgets page is great for finding little items that would make quick and easy stocking stuffers for the gadget-geeks in your life. And you can also find some unusual gift ideas in the “Hard-To-Find” gadgets section. Again, they’re dirt cheap.

Some of the most unusual items I found were:

A Pig LED Flashlight for $0.78 + FREE s/h


Apple Shaped Memo Pad - $2.61 + FREE s/h


Feng Shui Chinese Compass - $2.67 + FREE s/h


Realistic Rose Digital Voice Recorder - $3.50 + FREE s/h

You’ll probably blow 10 minutes just looking around at all of the stuff, but keep it in mind for gifts or cheap trinkets and you’ll always have a fun source of affordable gadgets and gizmos.

Please note, I’m not affiliated with this site in any way, and do not make money of any of the links within this article. Quite simply, I like the place - it’s a bargain-hunter’s bazaar.

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I love the website. Truly great deals. I will be using it to purchase stocking stuffers and even random little gifts for my cousins.
Thank you for the post!

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Do you know if these offers are for Canadians as well?

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yup. they ship worldwide :D

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Great prices; returns are basically impossible, so buyer beware. I have about a 60% satisfaction rate with things I get through them, but that's baked into the prices.

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This is an outfit out of Hong Kong, China. So that being said things are very cheap in price and quality. Also, don't expect any customer service. If you see something you like, and are VERY sure you want it, then go for it.

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I don't believe it for a minute. It might be a scam to get your bank or credit card info. Too good to be true!

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I have purchased many things from DealExtreme. As someone else said, returns are difficult, and sometimes the quality is spotty, but you do get what you are buying. I have purchased several flashlights, from them, as well as a good number of gifts. Shipping seems to take forever, but I haven't had anything happen with my credit card that I wasn't expecting - purchases only. Nothing fraudulent.

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I assure you, I found no evidence of this in my research. A site I go to when I want to check out a business gives this place high marks, over 8 out of 10, and that's based on almost 1000 pieces of feedback. You may not get something worthy of being sold in Sharper Image, but the prices reflect that.

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One thing to keep in mind about DX...it can take a while to get your goods. If you are planning on buying items for Christmas, it might already be too late. In my experience, figure a minimum of 2-4 weeks to receive your goods. DX is not for the impatient or "instant gratification" types.


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DealExtreme is a great place for LED flashlights and magnets, among other things. Their prices are great and I've always been satisfied with the quality. They are in Hong Kong and shipping is, literally, on the slow boat from China (two to three weeks minimum), but if you can wait for your items and do your research beforehand, you can get some great deals.

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pam munro

This site is addictive! All sorts of weird gadgets and so on - And hearing aids for less than $15!!!

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pam munro

Also take a look at their jewelry section!

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Pregnancy tests for $1.00?!?!

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Firstly I'm a regular customer at DealExtreme (DX) and it's a love/hate relationship. The deals are real and it's not a scam. And I love all the cheap electronic components which are sometime 10x more elsewhere. It's a great shop for DIY'ers.
But if you're going to buy from them, you must keep these points in mind
- Shipping can take forever (due to cheap/free shipping w/w via HK Post who are at time highly unreliable)
- Items may not actually be in stock (they rely on suppliers and re-sellers who may lie about their stock levels. Not DX's fault)
- Items are sometimes fakes (due to same reasons as above but DX will almost always point this out and fix the issue. Note they won't remove the item in question. It's HK and not US)
- Items may be of a lower quality due to failed QC. (I've bought genuine branded items at DX cheap but the quality reflected the price)
If you keep these points in mind, then you will be less disappointed and certainly get a good deal. And remember the old advise, you get what you pay for ;)

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Bought some neat little toys and gadgets from DealExtreme before... quality's definitely not top-notch, but it's a reliable place to find interesting little toys for low prices.

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It is cheap. Worth to have a look. Thanks for sharing

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I just placed a small order - fun stuff! If it gets here for xmas, cool; if not, then I'll use for something else :) Thanks for the post!!

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Thank you so much. I'll check it out and pass it on - really need to save money on gifts for my kids right now!

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i have been shopping there for a few years and echo some of the above comments:
shipping can be extremely slow, sometimes as long as 8 weeks.
once in a while they end up not having an item after i order it and aren't great about communicating on existing orders - but when i contact them i am always offered a refund or a credit to a future order.
the response time for customer service has so far been quite excellent.
read the comments from previous purchasers before buying an item and you can often get the best use. for example - i purchased a spark style flint and steel firestarter with the knowledge that someone else had found it worked better after scraping some of the paint off the steel - and it worked very well once i did that.