Which store-bought stain remover works best?

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This is the first in what will be an ongoing series of blogs, subtitled "Andrea shamelessly promotes cute guys who make videos about vaguely interesting topics."

Now, I know that our Jessica O. did a fabulous blog post about stain removal here at Wise Bread. One of my favorite posts ever. Jessica's post examined common household products that can be used to get stains out. This video (I can't embed it, sorry!), on the other hand, shows an adorably disheveled, slacker-ish guy testing out numerous commercial stain-removers.

In case you don't care to watch, the winner is Zout. I'm a little peeved that the Tide pen was thrown out so early in the competition, but as Dan points out, usability is a major issue, and the pen tip collapsed.

What can I say? I have a weakness for Slate.com contributors, and for guys who play the air guitar professionally.

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I'm in the habit of using Folex (http://www.folexcompany.com/), and haven't felt the need to pursue anything else. It's pretty cheap and works surprisingly well. You can find it at stores like Home Depot, Target, and (God forbid) Wal-Mart.

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Thanks for the tip!

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thanks for the props & kind words andrea!

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Zout - above all works the best and in 40 yers of marriage, sloppy eating husband and 3 boys, I've tried them all. It even gets out TOMATO stains!!!

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Dreft stain remover is the best kept secret ever. My friends and I agree - why didn't anyone ever tell us about it before we had babies? It removes all kinds of unspeakable filth that my son (now a toddler) manages to get on his clothes and cloth diapers - tomato sauce, blood, curry, poo, mud. I use it his stuff as well as my husband's and my own.

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I use it more on my tub to get out lime. Spraying the bottom of the tub & letting it sit for about 10 minutes. Can use a sponge by spraying the sponge first to wipe down the walls of the tub. I like to rinse it off once it has done it wonders. No other stain remover works on my tub like Dreft does. No toxic fumes to smell! Love it. Read online that it was used in a nursing home on soiled clothes prior to washing. Now if just wasn't so hard to find in grocery stores.

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carmela :)