Who's Linking to Wise Bread?


Wise Bread relies on links to help us gain readership and reach a broader audience of friends and contributors. We really appreciate how our readers and fellow bloggers promote and sustain us, so we'd just like to take a minute to say, "Yay! Thanks a bunch!" to some of the following linksters. We couldn't include everyone - these are just some of our more recent ones!

Greg's months-old ramen tribute is still getting love (talk about longevity!) from the Carnival of Miracles, hosted by Let the Sunshine In.

Sarah caught the eye of Krugergold, who liked her post on 8 ways to earn some extra dough. Other blogs offered kudos for her post about following your dreams, such as the folks at Escape Adulthood. She also gets a mention in a Chinese blog, which we all agree is super bad-ass and proof that she has MADE it. Come to think of it, Sarah caught pretty much everyone's eye with that post.

Jessica solves all kinds of problems (including the pretty ones) for Fabulously Broke in the City, and Med Blog was happy with her help on finding low-cost mammograms.

Wireless Jobs linked my story on making more money by asking for it, and Home Turf Media linked to my post about life without toilet paper.

Kreblog was impressed with all of the uses for vinegar that Paul told us about. Even foreign language blogs (like Un Foo La Nuit) are delighted with Paul's blog about carnival scams.

A Geek Family finds enjoyment in Will's SUV-through-the-mall posting.

Seth from Crazy Lawsuit Game just generally likes what we say about food. Or maybe he doesn't. Hard to tell.

This is but a handful of friendly links, and we'd like to thank everyone who has linked to our blogs for doing so!

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