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By Will Chen on 6 August 2009 0 comments
Photo: Julie Rains

Wise Bread bloggers come from a rich array of backgrounds.  Among our ranks are financial consultants, moms, career counselors, fiction writers, and even professional hobos!

Think of this as our monthly "open mike" thread for our bloggers.  We'll share our projects, passions, family photos, and the little trials and triumphs of our lives.

This is your chance to get to know us outside of our personal finance personas.  This is also a good time to offer bribes, marriage proposals, and free beer.

Myscha Theriault

Myscha Theriault picture

I guess the project I'm most excited about right now is having teamed up with a couple of other bloggers to launch the Posh Frugality Network. We'll be providing tips on gracious living for less in both text and video formats.

After dragging my heels for some time, I've finally launched my own personal brand: Itinerant Tightwad. Having struggled to find a synergistic representation of all I'm passionate about, it's a huge relief. There's also a coordinating Flickr account with complimentary travel photographs. Feel free to indulge if they float your boat.

In addition to keeping up with my education blog, I've also finally had some time to start revving up my travel web site again. It had gotten a little stagnant while we got our bearings after the flood, along with a few other projects I hope to reactivate soon. One new article up there I hope people will really enjoy is called Ten Universal Travel Skills.


Here's the picture I snapped in Peru while we were touring the Sacred Valley.


Nora Dunn

Nor Dunn picture

After traveling abroad for almost three years, I made the giant trek from Australia to my home town of Toronto for a visit. While in town, I am catching up with family and friends, and will even travel to Mexico to be the maid of honor for my friend’s wedding.

And we’re celebrating another milestone for the Wise Bread community: 10,001 Ways to Live Large on a Small Budget has just been released in Canada! They are available for order through Amazon.ca and Chapters Indigo.ca, and will be in bookstores shortly.


Julie Rains

Julie Rains picture

  • Rode bikes with the family in the 2009 Greenway Sojourn, a 4-day, 130-mile-plus outdoor adventure along the Pine Creek Trail sponsored by the Rails-to-Trails conservancy. The achievement is getting the family willing and able to make the trip.
  • Celebrated my youngest son's move to First Class in Boy Scouts and my oldest son's participation in a weeklong mission trip repairing homes and meeting people in western North Carolina.


Here's a photo of me with the boys on the trail.


Will Chen

Will Chen's picture

  • Shared personal finance tips with a wonderful new interview blog Talk With Tim.


Me looking like a tourist in NY for the Federated Media conference.


Tisha Tolar

Tisha Tolar's picture

  • I am so happy to announce to my WiseBread readers that I have officially launched my first, self-published fiction novel, Gen X at the end of July. 
  • We are still working on our work-at-home tips blog at EmpoweringMomBlog. We've been gaining a lot of support and are featured in a lot of carnivals around the web.
  • Speaking of carnivals, if you have a blog and are tired of submitting a ton of work each week, we can do it for you, cheaply and efficiently. Visit our site, writeandpromote.com.


Are we missing any of your favorite Wise Bread bloggers?  Let us know and we'll drag them in front of the open mike next month!


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