Wise Bread Hits the Internet Airwaves!

By Linsey Knerl on 10 February 2009 6 comments

You’ve read the posts, shared in the forums, and even posted some very worthy comments.  Now there’s one more way to “live large on a small budget,” and it’s available via Blog Talk Radio!  Here’s the scoop on the weekly show designed to give you even more of that frugal delight you’ve come to expect from Wise Bread. 

As part of the new Walmart Elevenmoms Channel (you can read more about the Elevenmoms program at the Walmart Community site), I’ll be sharing tips, interviews, and giveaways as the host of a weekly radio show “Living Large on a Small Budget” at Blog Talk Radio.  We’ve already had one fabulous guest – remember the lady behind the Couponizer?  We’re scheduled to interview even more qualified experts to help you with everything from DIY car repairs, finding “the” job, getting the best online deals, how to read your credit score, and more!   

The show airs Wednesday nights at 8pm CST.  It’s not so long that you can’t catch it all, but for you busy folks, it can be downloaded via iTunes podcast to listen at your leisure.   

Here’s what we have scheduled for our next show: 

How Can Social Networking with College Alumni Get You a Better Job?  I chat with Doug Baruchin of MyWorkster.com to discuss the newest ways to reconnect with your college buddies -- and how it just might get you the career you've always dreamed of. 

If you like what you hear, you may also enjoy some of the other fabulous shows on the Channel.  (Lynnae of BeingFrugal.net has already been interviewed here at Wise Bread, as well as Jen of Frugal Upstate.  Both ladies host a show together, giving you the best tips for saving money from coast-to-coast.)

* Editor's note: We're experienced some technical difficulties due to extreme weather conditions.  The show will was rescheduled, and the link to Doug Baruchin's interview has been updated for archived listening. (Or you can check out the Blog Talk Radio widget on our sidebar for all the archived shows.)  We apologize for the inconvenience!


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Wisebread is one of the most useful web sites. The topics are very timely for this current economic crisis. Even after we recover from this recession/depression, the advice written will still be very practical. Ptacticing frugality and efficient use of our resources gives us freedom and helps us manage our time wisely. It is exciting to read comments, ideas and suggestions from a group of well read and intelligent contributors. Thank you all!

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I'm really loving BTR! And I'm loving your show, too! It's hard for me to listen live, but I try to catch the archive.

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Congratulations on the show Linsey.  You did an amazing job.

Thanks for the support Lynnae. I love how supportive the 11 Mom community is. =)

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I just caught the Valentine thrift episode this morning while filing and shredding. Great job.

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Congratulations. Thanks for introducing me to Blog Talk Radio.

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I have a digital recorder and would definitely like to get involved. I've been told I have the type of monitone voice that makes people want to save their money all day and night LMAO! Seriously though, this is great offering from, objectively speaking of course, a pretty cool site.


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