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I'm not the biggest Valentine's Day fan. It's not that I hate love, but I do hate all of the expensive things people are expected to do to express that love. And personally, I fail to see how a gold-script card and box of chocolates (or worse — a poorly made stuffed bear holding a heart) from the drug store is the proper expression of something as profound as loving another human being.

But I'm not a total sourpuss — I just think that there are more personal, and definitely more frugal, ways to celebrate Valentine's Day. That's why I chatted with Marketplace Money host Tess Vigeland over the weekend about wonderful and cheap V-Day celebrations. Plus, many of these great gifts and celebrations can be pulled off last-minute, if you happen to be reading this on February 14

You can listen to or read the segment online, and check out my super-easy recipe for awesome chocolate truffles.

Are you celebrating a frugal Valentine's Day? Share what you're doing in the comments!


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Well, like you Meg, I believe in the Valentine's sentiment ie luuurve, just not the oodles of cash it can eat.I've just been writing about how if you can find creative ways to celebrate the day without splashing the cash that's the way to go. Last minute Valentine's Day money-saving answers: http://wp.me/pRYrv-aW

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Will Chen's picture

I like the idea of a single flower. It is a lot more meaningful and elegant. It would also rock if the flower had some kind of significance. If it has meaning, it doesn't even have to be a flower. =)

Meg Favreau's picture

True story: My ex-boyfriend and I once decided it would be hilarious to anonymously send our friend a spiral-cut ham. So we did.

Will Chen's picture

Tell your current boyfriend that if he starts sending me bacon or bacon-related products he will be my favorite of all your boyfriends.

Meg Favreau's picture

You might be in luck. You're talking about a man who, after joking that he was bringing me his leftover bacon from breakfast the day he was flying out of Missouri, handed me a bacon-filled napkin when he showed up back in Los Angeles.

Will Chen's picture

Nice. Let me know if he has sisters.