Wise Bread Reloaded: Back to Back to School

It used to be that Labor Day marked the start of the school year. Not these days. For many districts across North America, late August is when class is in session, and that means the back-to-school season starts a little earlier than usual, too.

This week's collection of Wise Bread classic articles takes us back to back-to-school once again, with tips and tricks on saving on school supplies, saving time, and saving the environment.

How to Save on School Supplies Without Going Crazy — Carrie Kirby shares how she saves time and money on back-to-school by seeking supplies from unexpected sources, maximizing rewards points, and taking advantage of loss leaders.

6 Back-to-School Items You Should Always Buy at the Thrift Store — We love the thrift store for all kinds of great buys, from clothes to furniture. Tisha Tolar reminds us that the thrift store is a good place to find back-to-school savings, too.

Back to School Time Savers — One thing summer does is spoil the careful school year routine many families follow to arrive on time (and to stay sane). If you've forgotten what that routine looks like, take a look at the time savers Debbie Dragon's family follows.

Save on School Expenses Without Ruining Your Kid's Childhood — Once the school year gets underway there'll be a lot more school-related expenses to budget for, everything from school photos to field trips. Julie Rains shows us how to meet those expenses on the cheap, without embarrassing your student in front of his or her peers.

6 Paths to a Greener Back-to-School Season — Chris Birk teaches us how to re-supply for the school year without ruining the environment (or the family budget).

Trapper Keeper Returns

Finally, remember the Trapper Keeper? The must have school accessory/organizer/fashion statement from the 80s and 90s? It's back, better than ever, with dividers and folders for papers, notebooks, pencils, and everything else. And now there's even a Trapper Keeper for your kid's 9" or 10" tablet. Or choose the classic PeeChee instead, although doodling on it is probably not a good idea.

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