Wise Bread Reloaded: Real Estate Market Rebound?


This week the National Association of Realtors reported that sales of existing homes rose 2.3% in July, to the the highest they've been in 10 months. Even better? Fewer of those recent sales were for underwater or foreclosed homes. Prices, on the other hand, have moved up more slowly than they did a year ago because more homes are hitting the market, and inventory is healthy, which constrains pricing.

Combine all that with continued record low interest rates, and maybe now is a good time to buy.

With that in mind, for this week's edition of Reloaded, we've collected some of Wise Bread's best home buying (and selling) articles from the past several years.

Real Estate Investing Is Cheaper and Easier Than You Think — Guest poster Joshua Dorkin walks us through getting started in real estate investing, both for short term cash flow, and long term value.

21 Real Estate Terms Every Home Buyer Should Understand — From acceptance to title, Miranda Marquit explains the key terms clearly, so the next time you're interviewing an agent, you'll be in the know (or at least sound like it).

How to Choose a Real Estate Agent — A good agent knows the local market and is skilled at matching your needs and wants with what's available — so how do you find a good real estate agent? Camilla Cheung explains.

Big Mistakes You Can Make When Selling Your Home — Camilla Cheung again, and this time with some common pitfalls sellers should avoid, like not interviewing enough agents.

How to Sell a Your Home in 24 Hours — In a hurry to sell? Elizabeth Lang was and she got it done in 24 hours.

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Maybe if you're holding on to real estate that boomers will favor as they downsize over the next decade or two ... otherwise, I don't think investing in exurbia is a great play, as who will buy it 10-30 years down the road?

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