Wise Bread Reloaded: Right Now Is the Time to Get Ready for Thanksgiving

As of right now, Thanksgiving is just under two weeks away, and that seems like kind of a long way off. Two whole weekends and a some weekdays. Plenty of time, right?

Next week you'll be busy with work and the kids and school and walking the dog and everything else and suddenly it'll be the weekend before Thanksgiving and you absolutely have to get your preparation done then, no excuses — at least the shopping — and guess what? Everyone else in your neighborhood is up against the same time crunch. The mart is a zoo and the parking is worse.

Skip all that this year. After you finish reading this, close up your browser, get out your to-do list, and start getting ready for Thanksgiving. Do your shopping at the earliest opportunity, and then settle back and relax for a few days before you start on the make-aheads. Trust us. It'll be the easiest Thanksgiving ever.

Before you go, here are some ideas from Wise Bread's archives to inspire you.

Right, Make Some Make-Aheads

When it is time to make your make-aheads, what should you make? Try the classic Make-Ahead Thanksgiving Dishes Elizabeth Lang shares with you. She also tells us what not to make ahead — like the turkey. Who wants leftover turkey on the Thanksgiving Day table?

Oops. Now What?

Something's bound to go wrong during the flurry of pre-feast kitchen mayhem. Don't toss those mistakes! Rely on Meg Favreau's 5 Last-Minute Thanksgiving Fixes to steer you out of a jam.

When Three's a Crowd

Not everyone can (or wants) to celebrate with a big crowd of family and friends. Blogger Little House shares the secret joys of a Thanksgiving Turkey Dinner For Two.

What to Do With the Leftovers

Unfortunately, you won't be able to send everything home with your guests. And maybe you won't want to send anything home after you read the recipes Thursday Bram shares in her 4 Meals You Can Make From Thanksgiving Leftovers.

If that's not enough, consider Sarah Winfrey's 10 Tasty Ideas for Leftover Turkey. Hmmm, chili.

Finish Christmas Prep Now, Too?

You do if you're anything like Kentin Waits, who gets his gift shopping done by Thanksgiving. Now that's a relaxing holiday schedule.

When will you be ready for Thanksgiving? What are your plans? Please share in comments!

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@Lars - thanks for this great article. I am totally OCD when it comes to being prepared - and so I had a GREAT appreciation for your article.
Not only will preparing ahead of time help ease tension and stress - it can also allow you to save a few dollars. I guarantee at least a few stores will up prices around some Thanksgiving 'essentials' right around Turkey Time. Or worse yet - you run out of something - the stores are closed on Thanksgiving day - and you have to run to the convenience store and pay double - if not more.