Women of personal finance spotlight: Donna Freedman from MSN here to answer your questions

For this entire week (9/15-9/21), Donna Freedman from MSN's Smart Spending blog will be answering questions in our forums about personal finance, frugal living, and her writing career.

Donna and her partner in crime Karen Datko have done a great job reaching out to the personal finance blogging community.  They are constantly scouring the web for great material and they are always generous about linking out to smaller bloggers. 

If you are are a new blogger looking for exposure, you should definitely drop by the forum and tell Donna about your blog.

This interview is part of Wise Bread's spotlight on the Women of Personal Finance.  At the end of the interview period we'll publish the best questions and answers from the forum interview and post them on the homepage.   If your question gets picked we'll include a link back to your blog.  

About Smart Spending

Blog: Smart Spending

BloggerDonna Freedman & Karen Datko


Donna spent 17 years as a feature writer at the Anchorage Daily News in Anchorage, Alaska.  She is a full-time student at the University of Washington, where she is a Mary Gates Scholar majoring in the Comparative History of Ideas.  Her writing, reviews and research have appeared in many publications, including McCalls, The New York Times Review of Books, Parade, The Philadelphia Inquirer, Premiere, 3-2-1 Contact, Time Magazine for Kids, and The Writer.  Donna is the winner of the 2007 Clarion Award from the Association of Women in Communications.

Check out some of her most popular posts:

Grab a cup of java and join our chat with Donna in the forum today!

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