Women of personal finance spotlight: Julia Scott from Daily News here to answer your questions

Photo: Julia Scott

For this entire week 12/8 - 12/14, Julia Scott, from the Los Angeles Daily News will be answering questions in our forum about bargain hunting, what it's like blogging for a big newspaper, and what we can do to survive this economy.

Julia has been a reporter for more than six years, including two at the LA Daily News (second largest paper in LA), two at the New Jersey Star Ledger, where she contributed to stories that won the Pulitzer Prize for breaking news in 2005.  Her popular bargain hunting blog covers how to score deals from groceries to Gucci.

Please join Julia in our forums today!

This interview is part of Wise Bread's spotlight on the Women of personal finance.  At the end of the interview period we'll publish the best questions and answers from the forum interview and post them on the homepage.   If your question gets picked we'll include a link back to your blog. 

About Bargain Hunter

Blog: Bargain Hunter

Blogger: Julia Scott


Julia started her Bargain Hunter blog 18 months ago because she had blog envy. Many other reporters at the LA Daily News had successful blogs that were transforming the newsroom and she wanted a piece of the action.  Today, the Bargain Hunter is one of the fastest growing blogs at the Daily News. I know it is certainly one of my favorite places to get the latest deal news.

Check out some of Julia's most popular posts:

Grab a cup of java and join our chat with Julia in the forum today!

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