Women of personal finance spotlight: Lynnae from Being Frugal here to answer your questions

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For this entire week (9/30- 10/5), Lynnae from Being Frugal will be answering questions in our forums about frugal living, blogging, and personal finance!

Lynnae is one of the most beloved frugal living bloggers.  Her honest and warm writing connects with readers right away.  Her blog entries read like long helpful letters from a favorite aunt or a helpful neighbor.

Please join Lynnae in our forums as she shares her insights on how to stay frugal in this dreadful economy.

This interview is part of Wise Bread's spotlight on the Women of Personal Finance.  At the end of the interview period we'll publish the best questions and answers from the forum interview and post them on the homepage.   If your question gets picked we'll include a link back to your blog.  

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In her own words

"I’ve been married for 12 years and have two children, a daughter and a son. I started racking up debt in college, when I applied for my first credit card on campus the first week of school. My husband and I added to my debt after we got married. We’ve finally woken up and decided it’s time to get out of debt for good

"I started this blog as a way to hold myself accountable for the financial decisions I make. In the short amount of time I’ve been blogging, my blog has grown to be far more than that. My readers keep my accountable for my decisions, and they’ve given me great tips on ways to become more frugal. I really enjoy interacting with my readers and visiting their blogs to see how they’re doing also. I love that there are so many bloggers working to get out of debt."

Check out some of Lynnae's most popular posts:

Grab a cup of java and join our chat with Lynnae in the forum today!

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