Women of personal finance spotlight: The Digerati Life here to answer your questions

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For this entire week (8/10 - 8/17), SVB of The Digerati Life will be answering questions in our forum about blogging, personal finance, and entreprenruship! 

This is part of Wise Bread's spotlight on the Women of Personal Finance.  At the end of the week we'll publish the best questions and answers from the forum interview and post them on the homepage.   If your question gets picked we'll include a link back to your blog.  Join the conversation with SVB today.

About The Digerati Life 

Blog: The Digerati Life

Blogger: Silicon Valley Blogger (SVB)

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SVB started blogging as a way to track her own entrepreneur endeavors and comment on the fascinating culture of the Silicon Salley.  She is one of the most popular personal finance bloggers around, and certainly one of our favorites here on Wise Bread.

The Digerati Life is written from the unique perspective of an engineer/entrepreneur/mommy.  Perhaps that special blend of experiences is what makes her posts so interesting and original.  Hey, don't take our word for it.  Check out some of her posts:

See, I told you she is awesome.  SVB quit her day job earlier this year to focus on blogging, so I'm sure you'll have tons of questions about her problogging insights.  Check out SVB's thread in the forum now and ask her a question.

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