Would You Dance to Avoid a Fee?

That's the question Fidelity asked...sort of. More specifically, they asked ATM users — while they were at the ATM — if they'd rather pay a fee or dance to get their cash. The video below shows those who danced. I don't know if these are real ATM users or if the video was casted (I always assume these things are casted, but hey, I can be kind of a cynic). Either way, it's fun to watch people bust out some sweet dance moves on the street — and it's always good to avoid an ATM fee.

Video Link: Would You Dance Instead of Paying ATM Fees?

So...would you dance to avoid paying ATM fees?

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No, but I'd walk away from institutions that charge them. I chose my bank for its large network of ATMs, and my brokerage rebates fees up to a reasonable monthly limit.