XM satellite radio/car combo for under $6 and free shipping!


Quick deal for you folks, and a sweet one too. You can now (for a limited time...don't know how long) grab the AudioVox Xpress - XMCK10 XM Satellite Radio Receiver & Car Kit Combo - XMCK10A for just $5.99 with FREE SHIPPING.

Yep, it's not a typo. Just go to this link at BUY.COM and snag yourself a steller deal on XM radio. The listed price is around $90, but you get $54 instant savings and another $30 rebate, making it just $5.99. Plus, free shipping. Try finding that lower anywhere else. You will still have to pay the fee for the monthly XM service, but you can't have it all, right? Here are the product specs. Go get it deal-hunters.

Equip your automobile with the future of radio using the Audiovox XM Satellite Radio receiver and car kit. Use the remote control to scan through channels on the 5-line digital display. With a built-in wireless FM transmitter, it's easy to listen to your favorite satellite programming through your car's stereo.


Large 5-line display with white backlighting
Built-in wireless FM transmitter
Encoder knob allows easy access in navigating thru the user interface
DC adapter
Scrolling stock ticker & scrolling sports scores
Tune select
Jump button
Aux input with 3.5mm jack

Includes: receiver, remote, car kit, DC adapter, hardware adapter, magnetic roof-mount antenna & mounting bracket

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Woot!  You ARE the bargain master!

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And if you happen to be a new Google Checkout user, You get another $10 off! Takes Care of shipping and most of the remainder!!!

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Looks like these guys have the same model for FREE.