You Need a Budget

Are you starting your first budget? Do you want to simplify your current budget?

‘You Need a Budget’ (YNAB) is our pick for easy budgeting software.

YNAB Philosophy

YNAB asks you to follow just four rules, and the software helps make it easy.

  1. Give Every Dollar a Job
  2. Save for a Rainy Day
  3. Roll with the Punches
  4. Stop Living Paycheck to Paycheck

By using ‘You Need A Budget’ and sticking to the rules, budgeting becomes stress-free and even fun. You get to "spend" all your money (Rule #1), so you have a clear picture of your current finances. Everything else falls into place after planning one month.

You Need A Budget

Free Trial

Download your copy of YNAB here. It's a fully functional copy of the award-winning budgeting software. It doesn't cost anything to try, and you don't even need provide a credit card.

It runs on both Windows and Macs.

Free Training

One of the reasons we like YNAB so much is they offer very good support. Besides technical support, one can learn plenty about managing money through the free online training.

Video Tutorials

They have a complete user manual, but even better is the large collection of instructional videos. Click here for the YNAB video tutorials.

10 Day Training Course

If you prefer to learn by reading, YNAB provides a self-paced, ten-day training course. Learn how to budget and manage your money "the YNAB way." You don't even need the software to find this information helpful. It's 100% free, so you have no excuses! Click here for the course.

Additional Resources

YNAB offers their training manual free online as well. Click here to read the YNAB Book. (The Kindle edition is $5.)

Finally, you can register for free live training. There are classes almost every day, with topics including beginner budgeting basics, handling credit cards, and an introduction to the ‘You Need a Budget’ software.

You Need A Budget Help

If you're in a hurry and want to get to it, YNAB's Quick Start Guide will get you up and running in under ten minutes. The software is easy to figure out, so you can also just start the app up and go. The built-in tool tips are helpful.

Mobile Phone Access

If you're the type to have your mobile phone on you at all times, YNAB's mobile apps are just for you. The perfect integration with the desktop app means you'll stay on top of your budget when you're away from the computer. You can easily enter your transaction details and when you get home, sync it over your wireless network.

It's currently only available for iPhones, but the Android app is coming soon. Click here for details on the iPhone app.

Try ‘You Need A Budget’ Today

Download a copy and use it free for a week (or longer). Click here to learn more.