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haggle market

What makes a Wisebread reader? Why are you guys so, well, special? I sat, I pondered, I scribbled down notes furiously. This is what I came up with. It's a small list, just 30 entries. I have a feeling you crafty folks will have more to add before the week is out. So here we go.


  1. …you haggle for a lower price at the dollar store.
  2. …the first part of the paper you turn to is the coupon booklet.
  3. …you still have t-shirts in your closet from the 80s.
  4. …you find more than two uses for almost everything you own.
  5. …your eyes go straight to the discount stickers in Target.
  6. …you’ll search online for three days straight to find the cheapest flights.
  7. …spending more than $100 makes you sweat a little.
  8. …you’ll ask for a doggie bag for one forkful of leftover food.
  9. …you can find designer clothes at WalMart prices.
  10. …mail-in rebates are not a challenge but a way of life.
  11. …a dumpster can also be a treasure-trove of goodies.
  12. …you can create a decent 3-course meal for $3.
  13. …you get more free stuff in a week than most people get in a year.
  14. …you live life much larger than your overpaid boss.
  15. …you have savings for a rainy day, a sunny day and a snowy day.
  16. …you think Rachel Ray is being extravagant on $40 a day.
  17. …people ask you about good deals before searching the web.
  18. …you really can get blood out of a stone.
  19. …it’s not a bargain until it’s at least 70% off.
  20. …you won’t check-out at an online store without a promo code.
  21. …you’ve never paid more than $50 for a 3-star hotel room.
  22. …store brands fill your pantry.
  23. …the 10-second rule is absolutely, positively something you endorse.
  24. …refurbished or reconditioned means just one thing – deal.
  25. …you check your receipts twice before you leave the store.
  26. …you’ve set the alarm for 2am to hit the Black Friday sales.
  27. …and you also have battle scars from those sales.
  28. …you believe there really is such a thing as a free lunch (and have proof).
  29. …stale food is not a problem, it’s an opportunity.
  30. …your heart rate rises when you hear the words sale, clearance or bargain.

Great haggling photo by Fazen . Thanks!

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Number 11) Your mailman had to take medical leave because he hurt his back stuffing your mailbox with free samples!

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im totally a wisebread reader...
#16 # …you think Rachel Ray is being extravagant on $40 a day.

so funny and so true
i'm always thinking OMG she didn't need that $7 fancy drink or that cake...

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…the first part of the paper you turn to is the coupon booklet.

...and you're reading the neighbor's paper.