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It's time for our weekly round-up of link-love. Thanks to all who have linked to our site. We love you right back. And, if you've linked us and don't feel like you are getting the love you deserve, please don't hesitate to let us know!

First, faithful reader and thoughful commentor Yan at Pro Bargain Hunter has linked us several times, but his blog is, oddly enough, not recognized by Technorati (shame on you, Technorati!) so I managed not to notice. We love Yan's site, as well as his insight. Do you see what I did there?

Zen Habits linked to us as one of the top 50 productivity blogs. Coolness.

A lot of people were pleased with Will's tax audit blog (the good news? You probably won't get audited. The bad news? You're going to die). The whole damn world linked to that post, including Soft Saurus, Amazon Web Services Blog, and Statesboro Georgia Blog. Oh, and Funkatron.

Blogging My Way Out of Debt was pleased with Paul's make-a-cheap-safe post.

Steve Olson linked to my post about security deposits and evil landlords. Thanks, Steve!

Give Away Project was happy with Paul's DVD-givin'-generosity.

I'm excited that a Turkish website has us on some kind of blog roll. Çok teşekkürler!

Smallist snarks about how simple and neurotic my idea of punching kittens is. Smallist didn't technically link to us, since they forgot the www, but we're adding them anyway because their kitten picture is better than ours.

Bibliophile Bullpen linked to Troy's list of writing contests.

Paul appeals to frugal Muslims from Daily Dinar, who linked to his post about threatening your cable company. Shukran Jazeelan, brah!

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Guest's picture

Thanks for your tip about using Technorati forums. It did help!

Love you guys!


Guest's picture

I only snark out of jealousy for a perfectly concieved metaphor. I'll never look at a bank charge the same way again! Your link is fixed, too.

Andrea Karim's picture

No worries - I tend to give off an neurotic air online. I'm so frightfully boring an unneurotic in real life, but I must come across as a nutcase in my writing, because you're not the first to level the accusation. :)