ZipList Giving Away $600 to Lucky Wise Bread Readers!

By Will Chen on 31 October 2011 527 comments

Editor's Note: The contest has ended! We're picking the winners right now. Please keep an eye out for a prize email from Wise Bread or KillerAcesMedia (our parent company). Congrats to comment winners Addrienne Mertens ($150), Anne Mostella ($150), Cynthia C ($50), and Kelsey ($50). Congrats to Twitter winner @Shawnamichelle2 ($100). ZipList User registration winner is Brenda B.

To help us celebrate Thanksgiving, ZipList is helping us give away $600 in prizes

ZipList is a free online and mobile shopping list and recipe organizer that lets you save all your favorite recipes and automatically organizes your grocery lists. I'm a big fan of this service because:

  • You can create and share lists with your family, and allow them to add items or check them off in real time. No more duplicate dishes on Turkey Day!
  • You can access your list online or via free apps from iPhone or Android. You always have your list with you so no more wasted trips to the supermarket. 


3 Easy Ways to Enter $600 Giveaway


1) Comment Entry: $400 Prizes

Simply leave a comment below before end of 11/23/11, answering the question: What's your favorite Thanksgiving budget dish or comfort food? (Answer must be at least two sentences long.)

We'll randomly select 4 comment winners. Prizes are 4 Visa Gift Cards: $150, $150, $50, $50 -- perfect for your holiday grocery shopping spree.


2) Twitter Entry: $100 Prize

To enter, simply do this before end of 11/23/11:

We'll randomly select 1 Twitter winner. Prize is 1 $100 Visa Gift Card.


3) ZipList User Registrant: $100 Prize

To enter, simply click this link - to save The Ultimate Budget Thanksgiving Dinner checklist to a ZipList account, where you can then create a grocery shopping list, search for personalized recipe recommendations and discover other helpful checklists.

One lucky person will be chosen at random to win a $100 Visa Gift Card. 


General Rules

Limit to one comment or tweet per day per person. You can enter all 3 contests to increase your chances but you can only win 1. NO PURCHASE NECESSARY. Legal residents of the 50 United States (D.C.) 18 years or older.  Ends at 11:59 pm Eastern on 11/23/11.  Winners will be randomly selected and announced on Wise Bread before December 15. If winners do not respond to prize notification within 3 days we reserve the right to select another.


5 Ways to Save Big on Thanksgiving


While Thanksgiving may be the biggest meal of the year, with a little simple planning you can have a stress-free and budget-friendly Turkey Day!

1) Use Checklists to Keep Track of What You Need: Save a checklists to help you make sure you have all of your Turkey Day essentials, like stuffing mix, sweet potatoes and green beans. No need for extra, costly trips to the supermarket.  Check out this budget dinner checklist created just for the holidays: 

Ultimate Budget Thanksgiving Dinner Checklist Get the most out of your budget by opting for some pocket friendly Thanksgiving grocery items.


2) Make Less Than You Think You Need: 

Take a headcount, but then make less. There are so many must-have side dishes - mashed potatoes, cranberry sauce, green bean casserole - that guests won't be taking their usual helpings. Make less of each dish and you should still have plenty of food.


3) Save on Side Dishes

It's easy to modify traditional favorites to save money. For green bean casserole, mix frozen green beans with frozen corn. Once cooked, top with Parmesan cheese and bread crumbs. You can also see big savings by opting for brown-and-serve rolls over crescent rolls.


4) Buy a Frozen Turkey

Believe it or not, you can save 30-40% (or more) by choosing a frozen turkey over a fresh, organic or free range turkey. Just be sure to give yourself 4-5 days for the turkey to thaw in your refrigerator. If you choose to thaw your turkey in cold water, allow 30 minutes per pound. 


) Bake Your Own Pies

Pumpkin pie is cheaper to make than to buy (and it's so easy to make!). Plus, frozen pie crusts can often be found on sale. Here are a couple of our favorite pumpkin pie recipes to add to your recipe box:

Double Decker Pumpkin Caramel Pie Recipe This pie took first place in a local Fall Harvest Festival pie contest!

Traditional Pumpkin Pie Betty Croker Recipe A traditional favorite made fuss-free with an easy pat-in-the-pan crust!


Good luck with the contest! I look forward to reading all your yummy entries.

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Guest's picture
Cheryl Delles

My favorite Thanksgiving comfort food is Corn Pudding. It's the only time of the year that I make it, but it's sooooo good.

Guest's picture

I would have to say our comfort food would be peas and butterbeans from our freezer. They are so yummy and healthy too!

Guest's picture

My favorite Thanksgiving comfort food is green bean casserole. As a vegetarian it is my favorite traditional go to food. I just made some this morning :)

Guest's picture

Stuffing is my favorite Thanksgiving budget dish! You can make it whatever way you want & I love it so I eat it all year around usually tossing in whatever I have on hand!

Guest's picture

My favorite thanksgiving dish is, without a doubt, stuffing! My mom makes the most amazing stuffing. Due to a family death, we aren't all together this year which is disappointing.

Guest's picture
Kandapa E

Love the mashed potatoes with gravy and stuffing. Budget conscious and comforting!

Guest's picture

I think my favorite Thanksgiving comfort dish is my mom's cornbread dressing. It is the best I have ever eaten.

Guest's picture

Can't wait to make our favorite budget dishes! Making corn casserole, turkey, ham, and stuffing! One of my favorite holidays of the year. Making things from scratch is my favorite way to save! :)

Guest's picture

My favorite Thanksgiving comfort food is mashed potatoes with gravy made from the turkey drippings. My favorite budget food is canned cranberry sauce. For some reason most people don't seem to like it - more for me!

Guest's picture
Susan O'Connell

My favorite Thanksgiving comfort food is mashed potatoes. Heck, mashed potatoes are my favorite comfort food for any occasion. Love my mashed potatoes!

Guest's picture

Mac and Cheese is our favorite budget dish. We mix in a bag of frozen peas to get some vegetables into the kids (both young and old) without complaints!

Guest's picture
Helen Stockwell

One of my faves is my mother's Sweet Yams dish. She bakes them in the oven with brown sugar and marshmellows and turns out delicious every year. Looking forward to it tomorrow.

Guest's picture

My favorite is definitely mashed potatoes. I love them with or without gravy.

Guest's picture

My favorite comfort food is pumpkin pie. Just put a dollop of whip cream on it and it's delish.

Guest's picture
Ellie W

Macaroni n cheese is another fairly cheap side dish for Thanksgiving...and a comfort food. I am making it right now to take to a dinner tonight.

Guest's picture
Candie L

I really like cranberry sauce. It is less than a dollar a can and goes great with the meal. Thank you

Guest's picture
Lisa A.

My favorite Thanksgiving comfort food is cherry pie. Nothing beats a warm slice of cherry pie after the turkey!

Guest's picture
Lee Moore

My favorite turkey day comfort food is--and always will be--sweet potato casserole. The beauty of the dish is that sweet potatoes are still cheap!

Guest's picture
Beverly Metcalf

I love the mashed potatoes and turkey gravy. Those are my favorite side dishes and they are inexpensive, too. Happy Thanksgiving Everybody!

Guest's picture
brian e.

Thanks for the giveaway...there are two Thanksgiving comfort foods that I look forward to enjoying: steamed broccoli with a homemade creamy cheese sauce, and a homemade herb bread dressing made with onions, celery, & sausage. A large helping of each with a turkey leg are all I need !

Guest's picture

One low budget side dish we enjoy as a family is green bean casserole. All you need is a can of green beans or 2, a can of cream of mushroom soup and some fried onions.

Guest's picture
cee love

One low budget side dish we enjoy as family is green bean casserole. All you need is a can or two of green beans, a can of cream of mushroom soup and some friend onions. Not the most healthy , but it is thanksgiving everyone's cheat say :-)

Guest's picture
Keri Ritenour

My favorite Thanksgiving comfort food is Sweet Potato Casserole. My Step-Mother used to make this dish and passed the recipe on down to me. It is a great recipe combining mashed sweet potato's with a touch of cinnamon and a buttery, brown sugar and pecan mixture to top it off. It is a favorite that everyone asks me to bring. It is so good that it is enough to be a dessert.

Interested in checking out this recipe? I zipped it! It can be found at

Guest's picture
Betty Curran

My favorite Thanksgiving budget dish is mashed potatoes with gravy. Not only is it a budget saver but it's the ultimate comfort food.

Guest's picture

Easily my favorite Thanksgiving food is my Grandmother Gloria's Cranberry Relish salad or as our family likes to refer to it as, "the pink stuff". It's not a healthy food by any means but it's one of those foods that triggers happy Thanksgiving family memories.

Guest's picture
Tammy Greer

My favorite budget dish is collards and they're my fave comfort dish as well. The smell of collards cooking reminds me of my grandmothers and when I was a child. I didn't like the taste of them so much then but I love them now.

Guest's picture

We made our pumpkin pie with our home grown pumpkin! Just licking the spatula gave me a jolt of exitement! MMHH, fingerlicking good!