Zooomr (Flickr on Steroids) Still Offers Free Pro Accounts

NOTE: This deal has ended.

Many digital photography buffs are hailing Zooomr as "Flickr on Steroids." Now you can get a free Zooomr Pro account for one year.

To get the free upgrade, simply sign up for a free account and then use Zooomr to host at least one image for your blog.

Besides your e-mail address, you don't have to give them any personal or financial information. This isn't one of those scams where they ask you for your credit card number for, you know, "verification" purposes.

How does Zooomr Pro compare to Flickr Pro?

Flickr's pro account costs $24.95 per year ($47.99 for two years) and offers unlimited uploads. Zooomr, on the other hand, offers its service one year for free with 4 GB monthly upload limit.

In addition to the price factor, several bloggers have pointed out that Zooomr also offers:

  • Better user interface
  • Faster speed
  • Geotagging mash-up with Google Maps
  • Ability to add .mp3 or .wav file to a photo
  • Social networking where you can tag people in photos and rank their popularity

Before you switch to Zooomr, don't forget to consider the fact that this is only a one year free membership and Zooomr is only in beta.

If you are a prolific photographer, it may be a pain to move all your stuff off Zooomr if you find out later that Zooomr isn't for you, or worse yet, if Zooomr goes out of business like so many other web 2.0 startups. Even though Flickr costs more, it is run by Yahoo, so it is less likely to go out of business.

Edited to add: I just went through the process myself and it only took five minutes:

  1. After signing up for a free Zooomr account, I uploaded the picture below to Zooomr.
  2. I then copy-pasted the custom Zooomr code into this blog entry.
  3. Finally, I copy-pasted this blog entry's URL.

Voila! I now have a pro account.

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Guest's picture

Hey thanks for blogging about Zooomr. We are glad to have you as a Pro on the site. I added a link on the Zooomr blog to this post:




Guest's picture

Flickr.com is $24.95 per *YEAR*, not month.

Will Chen's picture

Hi Thomas. I'm really loving my Zooomr account and you bet I'll be blogging about it often in the future. Guest, thank you so much for catching that. I really appreciate it.

Guest's picture

What happens after a year, a bandwitdh pinch, a price? what are the longevital plans? Are they going to disappear?

Will Chen's picture

I left a comment for Zooomr's official blog yesterday.  I'll keep asking until I get an answer!

Guest's picture

Pro Accounts that bloggers sign-up for will be available for exactly one year; After that, we will either continue service for free or provide a competitive payment option. -Kristopher

Guest's picture

This was changed some time in December 2006. You can now upload virtually infinite amounts of photos - if you have virtually infinite amounts...

Will Chen's picture

I've changed the blog entry to reflect the new information.

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Guest's picture

This post is no longer relevant - zooomr no longer offers free pro accounts.