Best Money Tips: Free Food On Your Birthday

Welcome to Wise Bread's Best Money Tips Roundup! Today we found some awesome articles on where to get free food for your birthday, saving money on purchases when traveling abroad, and retirement tips for twentysomethings.

Top 5 Articles

Free Food on your Birthday -- Want to get free food on your birthday? Be sure to check out IHOP or Benihana. [Thousandaire]

How to Save Money on Purchases While Traveling Abroad -- Save money on purchases when you are traveling by using travelers cheques. [My Dollar Plan]

4 retirement tips for twentysomethings -- Are you in your twenties and thinking about retirement? If so, don't forget to take advantage of workplace savings programs. [Prism Money]

7 Biggest Money Mistakes College Grads Make -- If you are a recent grad, don't make the mistake of falling into bad money habits! [US News and World Report]

Five Lessons from the Obamas' 2010 Tax Returns -- One thing you can learn from the Obamas' tax return is to live within your means. []

Other Essential Reading

Celebrating Birth Moms On Mother's Day (And Every Day) -- Celebrate your child's birth mother this Mother's Day by reaching out to her. [Parenting Squad]

What to look for in a second job -- When looking for a second job, be sure it minimizes your time investment. [MintLife Blog]

How To Find A Sublet -- If you are looking for a sublet, use social networks to find one. [LearnVest]

3 Ways to Get Free Books Online -- Get free books online by writing to publishers to let them know you are a blogger. This way you can get free review copies of books. [Christian PF]

Three Simple Steps to Chilling Out When You Are Having a Negative or Overwhelming Day -- When you are having a negative or overwhelming day, be sure to release your stress. [The Positivity Blog]

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