Control Your Allergies with Regular Cleaning

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Suffering constantly from allergies can make any person frustrated and not feeling 100%. Not only do you feel bad, you can also spend a small fortune on doctor visits and allergy medications. Instead of prolonging your suffering, you can engage in regular home maintenance that can help prevent allergy attacks stemming from your indoor environment.

Here is a room-by-room cleaning plan that can help you control your exposure to allergens. Make sure you perform these tasks regularly and wear a mask to protect yourself during the cleaning process.

In the Kitchen

  • Keep counters, stovetops, and floors free of excess water, food crumbs, and grease.
  • Clean the outside and inside of the refrigerator once a month.
  • Wash and dry dishes soon after using them.
  • Keep the space under your sink uncluttered and dry.
  • Don't keep brown paper bags in cabinets or other areas because they are a magnet for roaches who like to hide in them.
  • Empty your trash cans daily and clean the cans with disinfectant once a month.

In the Living Room

  • Vacuum once a week (more often if you have indoor pets).
  • Clean dust off the blinds, lights, and fans once a month.
  • Steam clean the carpets and furniture once a year.
  • If you have a fireplace, keep it clean and store wood outside to prevent mold.

In the Bedroom

  • Wash your sheets each week in hot water.
  • Wash other bedding in hot water every two months.
  • Dust the furniture and vacuum the floor weekly.
  • Vacuum your mattress and box spring every six months. Use an anti-allergen mattress cover to prevent allergens and make for easier cleaning and maintenance.
  • Don't let your pets hang out or sleep in your bedroom.

In the Bathroom

  • Clean the bathroom surfaces each week to remove soap scum and mildew.
  • Keep your floors and counters free of water.
  • Install an exhaust fan or open windows during a shower to reduce the levels of humidity.
  • Wash bath mats and towels often. Do not let wet towels lay around.

Other Considerations

  • Remove carpeting and select hardwood or linoleum flooring.
  • Seal cracks around the foundations, windows, and cabinets to keep roaches and other insects out.
  • Wash ceilings, walls, and draperies every few months.
  • Keep your home free of clutter.
  • Service your air and heating ducts and change filters as recommended by the manufacturer.
  • Invest in a bag-less vacuum cleaner developed to combat allergens.

More than 50 million people suffer from indoor allergens. You can help prevent the suffering of your family or of your own. Spring cleaning once a year is not enough to beat back the allergens but you can keep up with things by performing the above-mentioned regularly. It may take a little extra housecleaning work but the benefits of reducing your allergies or avoiding allergic attacks at all will be worth it.

This is a post by Tisha Tolar from our sister blog, Healthy Theory. Visit Healthy Theory for more health tips and news.


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Guest's picture

For us allergy sufferers, this article is on point. Especially, for allergy sufferers who live in Atlanta, like myself. The pollen here is atronomical in the springtime.

If it gets to you, your options are to usffer through each and every pollen season (right around two months) or go to the doctor and pay right about $1 per day for allergy pills. Which is at least $60.

Those suckers are expensive.

I think I'll take you up on this advice ad try to avoid the doctor.

Guest's picture
Rachel Crockett

Time vs. Cost Benefit?

Who has that kind of time?!? I think I will splurge and pay the $20 ever three months of store brand OTC allergy medicine.

Guest's picture

Another option is to get allergy shots. My insurance covers it in full (I don't even pay a co-pay).

Guest's picture
L. Michelle

Here's a great tip I got from my allergist: purchase the bed wrap for your mattress and one for your box spring. Mattresses are often filled with dust mites and where we spend a lot of time. At first I was skeptical thinking it would be like a plastic waterproof, crinkly wrap (eww), but it is just like a silky sheet that wraps around your mattress or box spring. Plus, you can purchase these anywhere like Bed, Bath & Beyond (use a coupon) or Kohls (use a discount code and purchase when the Bonus Bucks are on). Also, we use an air purifier in our bedroom; again, because we spend a lot of time sleeping. I also like that ours has "white noise" so I'm not hearing every little sound. Hope this helps!