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Negotiate All Your Travel: The Ultimate Guide

Here are some of the best travel negotiation tips from around the web – categorized by hotel, car rental, airfare, and those tips that apply all three.

Imagine Eating to Lose Weight (and Save Money)

Ready for what might be the cheapest weight-loss technique of all time? Imagine eating. (Don't worry, you actually eat too.)

Perform a Credit Card Rewards Annual Review

Want to make sure you're getting the most airline miles, cash back, and whatever other rewards your credit cards offer? Do this quick annual review.

3 Reasons to Make Your New Year's Resolutions Today

One more cookie? January 1st is when you’ll diet. Buy another gift? You’ll budget better next year. Here's why you shouldn't wait until 2011 to start working on your goals.

Buying Individual Dental Insurance Online: My Experience

I'm religious about my six-month cleanings, so when I needed dental insurance, I compared several options. Here's what I found.

Sick of Rebate Credit Cards? Read This to Get Cash

Annoyed by those plastic-wasting, annoying-to-use rebate credit cards? Learn how to turn the cards into cash.

9 Places to Get Student Discounts

Hundreds of stores, including online shops, offer student discounts. So how and where can you take advantage of these discounts?

4 Ways Reading the Newspaper Will Make You Rich and Famous

People used to say that newspapers were dead. But they're not. Read about the ways you'll save time and money and grow professionally and personally by reading your local or a nati

DIY Home Improvement: 10 Free Options for Training and Advice

Doing your own home repairs saves lots of money, and these resources can give you the training you need to ensure your "fix" doesn't make the problem worse.

Make Money Online with Free Videos

Last year I bought an online course that actually enabled me to increase my income from online work from $100/month to income that’s the equivalent of a full time job

Ultimate Credit Card Perks Checklist: Benefits You Don't Know About

Learn secret credit card perks, including extended warranty and price protection with the ultimate credit card benefits checklist.

Stay Focused: 300+ Tips for Staying Focused

Spring brings out the worst in my ability to focus. When the weather turns better all I want to do is be outside. So, here is a roundup of the best motivational and focusing t

Warning: TurboTax Missing Minnesota Tax Info (Updated With TurboTax Response)

If you are a Minnesotan: When TurboTax completes your M1PR Property Tax Refund, between lines 10 and 11 you need to fill in your property tax ID and your county. TurboTax online do

Homemade Dog Food: Recipe and Cost

Learn how to make your own dog food and save hundreds of dollars.

5 Awesome Easy to Freeze Meals

Knowing that I'd be short on time as a first year law student, my mom offered to help me cook in bulk at the beginning of fall semester. The batch method proved to be a lifesaver b

9 Useful Kitchen Gifts

Running out of gift ideas? One of these useful items would be a welcome addition to any kitchen.

Free $10 on Amazon (or Why to Read Fine Print)

Want to get a free $10 on Amazon.com? Last week I ordered some electronics on Amazon. There was a "special offer" for a free Wired magazine subscription. It turns out I could opt o

Homemade Peanut Butter: Recipe and Cost Comparison

Normally we assume it's cheaper to make something homemade rather than buy it at the store. But what about peanut butter? Is it cheaper to make your own homemade peanut butter?

Save a $100,000 with a Do It Yourself Taste Test

Conduct a do it yourself taste test and save $100,000. Decide whether you prefer the generic or brand name in one afternoon sitting.

Make Money Recycling: Get Paid to Recycle by 15 Websites

Can you could use some cash for your old broken cell phones, laptops, or ink cartridges? These companies actually pay you to recycle.